ZW3D Partner Programs
The partner program provides an opportunity for you to enter a growing CAD market, amplify your product line and improve your profitability.
Why become ZW3D Partners?
Huge Market Opportunities
·More than 19 million professional CAD users worldwide
The worldwide CAD market was estimated to be worth $ 7 billion in 2011 and is continuously growing(Jon Peddie
Research),there is a great market potential for you to explore by expanding your product line.
· A growing anti-piracy trend for software
As regulations of intelligence protection gets stricter, there are huge needs for authorized software.
People choose authorized software also because it is more reliable and provides technical support.
· Greater need for cost-effective CAD software
Facing the high expense of CAD software and the dynamic economic situation, more and more enterprises are looking for cost-effective solutions. ZW3D perfectly meets their needs by providing software of lower cost but higher performance.
Considerable profit
·Resellers can have no less than 40% discount according to their condition.
Resellers with high performance can receive a 60% discount. Furthermore, resellers who satisfy sales target will be given an extra 5% discount. Excellent resellers are able to get 65% profit.
· We provide free NFR license support and high quality sales leads, so as to lower the operation cost, shorten the growth cycle of resellers and guarantee profit at the incipient phase.
·High investment in R&D
ZWSOFT has been dedicated to investing in the research and development of ZW3D. Its annual R&D investment takes up more than 15% of revenue. The progressing rate is much faster than other competitors, which ensures that the annual returns of resellers is higher than the average level in this industry.
Constant support
· We run a "New Reseller Growth Plan" to guide you in the set up of your business, including product knowledge, customer positioning, technical training and marketing approaches, etc.
· We offer abundant promotional material including marketing material and customer cases, etc.
· We have a resources sharing platform called Partner Center to provide the most updated information and data about ZW3D.
· We assist reseller in getting more sales orders by providing benchmark, demos and post-processor customization.
· We provide further assistance to help you shorten the time to close orders.
To become ZW3D partner

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