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  • Technopakas

    Technopakaschose ZW3D for its powerful functionalities in flexible modeling leveraging the existing 2D and 3D data.

    Technopakas ZW3D

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  • Stone Manganese Marine (SMM)

    Stone Manganese Marine (SMM) is one of the leading manufacturers of large fixed propellers in the world.

    Stone Manganese

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  • Ring Can Corporation

    Ring Can Corporation(RCC) has a history of innovative packaging, mak...

    Ring Can

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  • NACCO Industries Inc.

    NACCO Industries Inc.’s subsidiary, NACCO Materials Handling Group, ...

    NACCO Industries

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  • Lap Keung

    ZW3D was selected by Lap Keung for better luxury designs, to realize a remarkable leap from 2D draf.

    ZW3D Helps Keung

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  • Korean Startup THE WAVE TALK

    ZWSOFT has donated a batch of 2D and 3D CAD to a Korean Startup,...

    Korean Startup THE WAVE TALK

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    ZW3D announced that it was chosen by HOWWEIH Technology (Huizhou) CO., LTD to enhance its information management.


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    GAMECO has selected ZW3D because of its high compatibility with 2D CAD and its smooth data communication.

    ZW3DAircraftProduct Design

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  • Flashforge

    Flashforge, a famous leading 3D printer supplier in China, chose ZW3D to facilitate DIY 3D printing and modeling.


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  • BioPlastics

    BioPlastics, the leading manufacturer of coated webbing products.​


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  • American Stove Parts

    Since 1921, American Stove has been manufacturing custom and OEM parts for the appliance industry.

    American Stove

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  • Amchem

    To produce these critical components, mechanical and aerospace engine...


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