Design for Dream: 62 Superhero Vehicles Created By ZW3D CAD/CAM Users

ZW3D CAD/CAM launched the annual design challenge on GrabCAD, providing engineers from worldwide a chance to show their imagination, creativity, and design skills. Starting from September 16, 2013, this challenge eventually received 62 stunning entries in 42 days.

Five winners stood out from the rest in this challenge and won big prizes like cash, 3D printers and 3D mice. Following let us see some of the participants and their works:

What The Winners Say About ZW3D

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  • 4th Place
  • 5th Place
1st Mech-r14

Mech R14 by Remus Pacis

“I’m very satisfied about the result of ZW3D and its surfacing and direct edit that really helps me to complete my entry for this contest. Actually this contest shows how easy to bring your imagination into a CAD model using ZW3D.

The idea of Bringing your imagination into a 3D CAD model, this is what I really like most about this contest. Testing not just how easy you can transfer what's on your mind into 3D modeling but also how easy it will be by using 3D software like ZW3D.”

$1,000 + 3D Printer ($1,499) + 3D Mouse

RHINO FIGHTER by Cristian Gamiz

“It is my first time using the software and I have to admit that the hybrid modelling does pretty well its function. Obviously the challenge was to get familiar with the icons and functions. I love the fact that you get the specific info of the feature just by pointing the icon with the mouse. Don´t change that!

I love ZW3D Superhero Vehicle Design Challenge! Very versatile and it lets your creativity fly. Maybe You could suggest a theme?”

$800 + Mini 3D Printer ($899) + 3D Mouse
3rd Freezemobile

Freezemobile by Roland Sandor

The idea of this entry is fantastic. Designer starts the model from the sketch in ZW3D and builds a lot of detailed parts to finish the whole assembly. Plus, 3D modeling of this entry is great simplified by using the 2D drawing to make a 3D model with lots of sweeping and trimming techniques. The tail of the car is interesting, it is nice job by using only a few modeling skills.

“I'm glad that I learned the basics of ZW3D. I think this knowledge will be useful when I'm working in the industry.”

$600 + Mini 3D Printer ($899) + 3D Mouse
4th Zw3d-dragon-for-a-hero

ZW3D Dragon for a hero
by Stefan Varga

One of the most creative entries in this challenge combines the dragon and human, and shows the power of nature. And it’s also well-formed with ZW3D modeling features like morphing and loft etc.

Most Creative Design: $200 + 3D Mouse
5th  Borealis


“I always use the following features of ZW3D: User interface;Workflow;Embedded tutorial, Show-n-TellTM;Data exchange and file compatibility;Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling,CAD features such as assembly design, sketching and reverse engineering etc. ZW3D Superhero Vehicle Design Challenge was very cool!”

Most Popular Design: $200 + 3D Mouse

What The Participants Say About ZW3D


TURTLE by Paul Tripon

"It took me a few days to be able to complete the project. I think that was easy, because of use of the ribbons on many levels. Show-n Tell Tutorials and examples for: Modeling, Assembly, Drafting, and Training manuals: Fundamentals, Innovator and more, was very helpful for me.

This contest was for me an opportunity to discover a different way to do projects. The new 3D CAD modeling technology, Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling is awesome,unleashing my imagination.

ZW3D Superhero Vehicle Design Challenge was a great contest, leading on many great projects. Maybe some more different tutorials can be useful for those who didn't tried the software yet."

Batman Vehicle

Batman Vehicle by Seghier Khaled

"I like a lot using ZW3D; because it allow many tools to create shapes and give solutions to create anything with precision; I am not engineer and I never design vehicle; this is my first time I use ZW3D and my entries are my first vehicles; the simplicity to learn and the power of ZW3D allow to create anything and to realize the imagination.

I like it; excellent challenge with 60 days to try ZW3D; and long time to submit entries and the great prizes .In the next challenges I hope you allow voting in facebook pages and verify if the entries exist; I see beautiful design in this challenge but the designer never say that it inspired from exist design.”

I hope ZW3D make challenge for architecture exterior and interior not only for engineers."

The Hell Ride

The Hell Ride by Anirban Ghosh

"I am a third year engineering student from India. I am also pretty new to the ZW3D community. I got introduced to the software through a competition hosted on GrabCad by ZW3D.

When I first opened the software, I was pleasantly surprised by the interface. Within a few minutes I was able to make ample geometries. A few more minutes later I accidentally discovered Hybrid Modelling and from there I knew that the model I would make for the competition was Limited only by my imagination. My entire experience with ZW3D was amazing and would be proud to put ZW3D in my resume. This is a software I would recommend to both beginners and advanced users alike.

Thank you, ZW3D team for the amazing experience I had so far with ZW3D!!!"

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