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  • All-in-one CAD/CAM Solution
    to streamline product design,
    mold making and CNC machining,
    minimizing data loss with maintenance
    fee saved.
  • Solid-surface Hybrid Modeling
    to break down the boundaries
    between solid and surface features,
    offering designers more effectiveness
    and opportunities.
  • Non-solid Mold Parting
    to design molds and create core & cavity
    directly, shortening the time from
    evaluation to manufacturing.
  • Smart QuickMillTM Technology
    to automatically determine uniform cutting
    loads and feed rates, lengthening tool life,
    reducing tool cost and raising efficiency.
ZW3D makes your imagination touchable, merges your ideas with hybrid technology and exposes the forms you want to create."
Rui Ferreira Job, CAD Director at Moldegama

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