How do I measure a distance with respect to a user defined plane (or face)?

A: INQUIRE – Distance – Plane - Point

How do I create a 3D wire frame section in the model?

A:Create a sketch of the section lines (typically an open boundary)Use the Named Section Curves command on the W...

How do I create Solid Text Emboss?

A:Create a sketchAdd text using ReadyText on the ReadySketch toolbarExit SketchUse INLAY CURVES command found behind SHELL on the Shape toolbar

How do I insert points from a file?

A: Use a Comma separated Ascii text file (not a word doc)Format:# pound sign is a comment line#upper (group lab...

What is the basic procedure for creating a mold?

A:Split part into core and cavityTurn auto-sew offParting lines on the coreParting surfacesCreate an extrusion for...

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