Activation FAQs

Q1: What are necessaries for license activation?

A:1) Soft-key license or dongle license
2) Run the license manager with the administrator privilege
3) Make sure that the installation folder has write access. If it doesn't, the error message will display when
    activating the license.

Q2: How can I solve the communication problem? (The server cannot communicate.)

A:Generally speaking, if the user could access other websites, it should have no problem communicating with our server. Try the following:
1) Close the firewall
2) Don’t use the Rroxy server
3) Check the website
If the following website could be opened, the communication with the server is OK.

Q3: Can I activate ZW3D license by Remote Desktop Connection?

A:It depends on your license type.
1) The standalone license can not be activated by Remote Desktop Connection.
2) The network licenses can be activated in this way.

Q4: If I format a data disk or reship operation system on my PC before returning the license, how can I get the license?

A:Just activate the original license again on the same PC.

Q5: If I change some hardware on my PC before returning the license, how can I get the license?

A:You need to submit the application to the local reseller or our salesmen to return the license.

Q6: Dongle does not match activation ID, please re-activate!

A:Please check the following points:
1) License information includes product ID and activation ID should match the ZW3D version. Such as:
    2011 dongle license must be activated in ZW3D2011license manager.
2) The user should have the administrator privilege to run the license manager. Please go to the installation
    folder (C:\Program Files\ZWSOFT\ZW3D 2012 Eng) and run ZwAppLm.exe as administrator to activate it.

Q7: How can I solve the activate problem that the error message is blank?

A:It may be because the FLEXnet Licensing Service hasn’t been successfully started. Try the following:
1) Run -> service(Win7) / services.msc(XP)
2) To confirm whether there is FLEXnet Licensing Service on Extended tab and its status is started

3) If its status is stopped, please click the server to start it manualy.

4) Activate the license again.

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