ZW3D and ESSV Co., Ltd. Held a Successful Seminar in Vietnam

December 20, 2018     ZW3DESSV Co. Ltd.Vietnam

On November 27, ZW3D team and ESSV Co., Ltd. organized a seminar called “ZW3D 2019 Innovation Day” together in Vietnam, mainly focusing on introducing new features of ZW3D 2019 and discussing with foreign experts and users. The seminar attracted a great volume of professionals from different places to join the discussion and other activity.


At the beginning of the seminar, researchers from ZW3D introduced new features of ZW3D 2019 to all the participants, including the excellent VoluMill for ZW3D, flexible sub-assembly and other new improvements. During the speech, ZW3D technical engineers highlighted the great improvements of ZW3D 2019 CAD/CAM & Mold in working efficiency and saving tool cost, which makes the participants excited and expected.


After a tea break, experts from ZWSOFT discussed with attendants about the improvements of ZW3D and the development in CAD/CAM software and industry effectively. Professionals and audiences have shown great interest and appreciation in the powerful functions and mature technical support from ZW3D, as well as looked forward to better user experience and service.


At last, ZW3D and ESSV Co., Ltd. has prepared a lucky draw for all the participants to win gifts and special support packages from ZW3D. All in all, it is a great opportunity for both ZW3D and participants to communicate with each other and learn more about the industry. 


About ESSV Co., Ltd. 

ESSV Co., Ltd. provides CAD/CAM software licenses, especially ZW3D, in Vietnam, as well as providing software training, mechanical design consult, mold design, and NC Program.

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