ZWSOFT Contributes CAD/CAM Technologies to Belt & Road

January 23, 2018     ZWSOFT Belt & Road BRICS



GUANGZHOU, CHINA - January 23th 2018 ZWCAD SOFTWARE CO., LTD.(ZWSOFT), a world-renowned and reliable CAD/CAM solutions provider, has been appointed a member of International Alliance of Skills Development for Belt & Road and BRICS Countries(IASDBR) and will contribute CAD/CAM technologies to Belt & Road and BRICS countries.  


Together with representatives from BRICS and Belt & Road countries as well as professionals and talents from all walks of life, ZWSOFT participated in the signing ceremony and obtained a membership certificate.




“It' s a great honor for ZWSOFT to join the IASDBR. ZWSOFT will continuously develop ZW3D & ZWCAD and provide trainings that suit the Belt and Road strategic layout,” said Truman Du, CEO of ZWSOFT.


Success is Not Incidental


IASDBR was established to promote the education, skills and training among Belt & Road and BRICS countries.


Having satisfied the needs of 2D and 3D CAD/CAM designers and engineers for two decades with its powerful and easy-to-use ZW3D, ZWSOFT is deeply expected to cultivate international high-tech professionals and increase the local employment for international enterprises.


Empowered by unique Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling technology and various design tools, ZW3D can unleash designers’ 3D design ideas which provides them more creativeness and opportunities. In addition, ZWSOFT’s professional technical team is always providing effective and timely assistance. All of these are helpful for vocational skill development, engineering capability training and intelligent technology innovation, so ZWSOFT was selected as an IASDBR member.


A Bright and Promising Prospect


Through IASDBR, ZWSOFT is planning to build and improve an international organization and international exchange platform for technical exchanges, standard coordination, skills training and certification among Belt & Road and BRICS countries.


With the support from Chinese Government, ZWSOFT can not only push forward infrastructure construction at home and abroad but also advance the process of global industrialization through its persistent and unremitting efforts.


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