ZW3D 2020: Design and Manufacture Complex Products More Easily

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ZW3D 2020: Design and Manufacture Complex Products More Easily

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ZW3D 2020: Design and Manufacture Complex Products More Easily

Products 2019-12-05 09:17:00

GUANGZHOU, CHINA: December 5, 2019 - ZWSOFT today announced the new release of its flagship all-in-one CAD/CAM solution ZW3D 2020. Packed with tons of new capabilities and enhancements in CAD/Mold/CAM modules, ZW3D 2020 enables you to design and manufacture complex products more easily.

Inheriting the idea of tackling more complex product design since the last version, ZW3D 2020 has been significantly improved in modeling features, platform capability for higher efficiency and stability, and assembly functions, which are key factors to support complicated design and manufacturing tasks. Thanks to a more robust platform, industrial applications have been greatly expanded also, especially in mold design and electrode design, further satisfying multiple needs of different industries. New capabilities in the CAM module are worth anticipating too. The upgraded turning tools, new strategies in 2-3 axis milling, enhanced verification tools… all take ZW3D CAM to a new level.

Among numerous new capabilities in ZW3D 2020, the most shining ones are:

Product design

Ÿ   New Rough Offset enables you to flexibly create a set of offset surfaces based on the product model, accelerating your casting, packaging, and sheet metal design.

Ÿ   PARTsolutions add-in has been upgraded with 17 newly-added national standards. Now, you could easily insert standard parts to meet the production requirements of different countries.

Ÿ   Assembly has also been upgraded to deliver more flexibility and efficiency. First, the logic of constraint status is now more reasonable – the well-defined components can move within a specific range. Moreover, if a component is moved across levels, its related constraints can be retained automatically. Last but not least, the fastener can be assembled quickly by Auto Hole Match or With Layout.

Figure 1. The well-defined components can move within a specific range

Figure 1. The well-defined components can move within a specific range

Mold design

Ÿ   Library commands have been enriched. The newly-added tools like Positive Screw, Rings, Wedge Lock, Spring, etc. enable users to insert and modify standard parts with ease, speeding up your mold design.

Ÿ   Electrode tools are more abundant, making electrode design a much easier job. For example, you can create multiple electrode blanks in batches, use Dynamic Circle to quickly judge whether to insert an electrode at a specific location, generate a bill of electrodes, engrave text on electrodes, etc.

Ÿ   Creating cooling systems is much faster. Various parameters can be adjusted with a dynamic real-time preview. Groove, taper lock, runner, gate, etc. can also be created quickly and intuitively, delivering more powerful mold design.

Figure 2. Create a cooling loop and preview it in real time

Figure 2. Create a cooling loop and preview it in real time

CAM design

Ÿ   Turning capabilities have been expanded. Groove Round tool is supported for roughing and finishing. Tool modifications can be previewed intuitively in Tool manager. Moreover, cutting depth for part-off operation can be customized now.

Ÿ   2 to 3-axis milling has also been upgraded. Surface Engraving has been added to 2-axis milling to conduct lettering and remove burrs of parts. In 3-axis milling, 3D Constant Step Size is supported in Z level operation, delivering smoother 3D surfaces. What's more, Batch Calculation is faster by utilizing multi-core, especially for complicated manufacturing tasks.

Ÿ   New Full Machine Simulation supports simulating the actual machining process by taking the kinematic models of machines into account, helping you detect potential issues and ensure manufacturability.

Figure 3. Full Machine Simulation to simulate the actual machining process

Figure 3. Full Machine Simulation to simulate the actual machining process

“To achieve the goal of tackling more complex product design, we made efforts to optimize the underlying architecture and extend the application capabilities, which resulted in increased flexibility and efficiency. However, tackling more complex product design doesn’t mean giving up simplicity. On the contrary, the upgraded capabilities help our customers design and manufacture more easily," said William Li, Technical Director of ZWSOFT.

Accolades from testers

Since the release of ZW3D 2020 Beta to the public in September, 2019, over a thousand of testers have explored the new features in ZW3D 2020. The new version is widely recognized by ZW3D users, partners and media.“I tested ZW3D 2020. Great improvements! I liked new Cooling Loops in Mold module most!” said Luurt from the Netherlands.

Start ZW3D 2020 journey

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About ZW3D

Developed by ZWSOFT CO., LTD.(Guangzhou)., ZW3D, an integrated CAD/CAM solution designed for the whole process of product development, features the fastest kernel for Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling, non-solid mold parting and smart CNC machining strategy from 2-axis to 5-axis. It brings customers multiple benefits such as reduced costs, optimized design workflow and improved efficiency.

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