ZW3D 2019

Flexible Design, Fast Machining

Remarkably Upgraded Assembly

Being optimized and innovated, assembly progresses to a new stage, especially in flexible sub-assembly.

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Significantly Improved User-Experience

Optimized algorithm empowers higher processing speed on display, calculation and response.

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Enhanced Modeling

More stable and faster modeling regeneration and other new features bring better modelling experience.

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More powerful 2D drawing

New features, like Auto Dimension Stack Balloons etc., allow users to get desired 2D drawings more easily.

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Upgraded Translator

With ZW3D 2019, users can easily work with different file formats, getting more flexible collaboration, concerning not only 3D models, but also 2D drawings.

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Innovative Mold Design

Redesigned workflow and enhanced parting functions streamline the process of mold design.

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Powerful High-Performance Roughing

In ZW3D 2019, 2X & 3X VoluMill are tightly integrated into ZW3D, helping users significantly reduce cycle time and save tool cost.

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More Reliable and User Friendly CAM

After being expanded, optimized and polished, ZW3D CAM module not only delivers more reliable tool paths but also makes your programming easy & efficient.

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Perfectly Integrated with Third-Party Tools

Aimed at expanding capabilities, ZW3D 2019 integrates third-party tools, including PowerNEST and PARTsolutions.

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