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JSP Gets Both Aesthetics and Productivity from ZW3D
June 10, 2014

Guangzhou, China:June 10, 2014 —ZW3D, a leading supplier of 3D CAD/CAM solutions for the MCAD industry, today announced that it has been applied by Johnstone Safety Products Ltd. (JSP), a leading European manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment, for over a decade. Powered by Overdrive kernel, ZW3D CAD/CAM has assisted JSP to back up its innovation and creativity with flexible and advanced technology that integrates design and manufacturing.


Established in 1964 with its headquarters in Oxford, England, JSP manufactures on three continents currently, exporting to over 90 countries. The company’s continuous research and development has led to one of the most advanced portfolios of safety products, covering head, eye, face, hearing and respiratory protection.


An early adopter of ZW3D technology, JSP has for over ten years relied on ZW3D to design many of its products. JSP has found that one of the key benefits of ZW3D is its unique Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling, giving designers and engineers the flexibility to work the way they want to, rather than being restricted to a pure solid or surface modeler.


“ZW3D is fantastic,” said Mark Williams, Research and Development Manager at JSP. “In the past, things would have taken weeks to design – now it’s only a matter of hours. With ZW3D hybrid modeling there are no restrictions – we can create any type of shape.”


ZW3D’s hybrid modeling technology has been proved vital in JSP’s product designs, such as Power Cap, a respiratory protection device to protect users from dust and most airborne particulate pollutants. The entire Power Cap design was modeled with ZW3D.



Power Cap


“Aesthetics are becoming increasingly important even with industrial products. The ZW3D hybrid modeling is packed with surfacing capabilities that JSP needs for the smoothly-contoured designs required for a product like the Power Cap,” said Williams. “ZW3D really helped us to design this product to not only work well but look best. In addition, ZW3D provided us the flexibility to make last-minute design changes in real time.”


Plus, ZW3D’s history capabilities allow quick production of subtle variations on designs, helping JSP diversify their products to meet various needs from markets worldwide. Take the design of Jet Stream for example. As JSP operates in a global economy, its face masks on Jet Stream must fit human forms anywhere. Inevitably, slight modifications in mask design must be adopted. With ZW3D, JSP can differentiate designs by changing only commands related to the inside of the mask, with the requirements that define the mechanics and the standard parts of the design retained.





“Before using ZW3D it would have been much more difficult to produce a shape such as that used by the Jet Stream. If you asked me to change something a little bit, such as the fan, it might have meant remodeling the entire shape. Now, with ZW3D, it’s very easy to apply customers’ adjustments to the project and update the whole design in minutes,” said Williams.


ZW3D has proved to be a pivotal product for JSP. It has left the company more room for “what ifs” and more time to develop new and innovative safety products. “We’ve found that other CAD products demonstrate far less capabilities than ZW3D does, yet the product is competing in its price range. It’s definitely provided us with the ideal CAD/CAM solution,” said Williams.



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