Happy CADing with ZW3D: Design a Halloween Pumpkin

October 23, 2018     ZW3DCADHalloweenpumpkin

Halloween is coming! Do you want to DIY a pumpkin for your kids? ZW3D can help you. Follow me to create a unique one.

Figure 1   Pumpkin.jpg

Figure 1   Pumpkin

Styep1: Define a sketch on the XZ plane. Draw a curve. Then revolve it to create a surface.

Figure 2   Revolve the curve.jpg

Figure 2   Revolve the curve

Step2: Define a sketch on the XZ plane again. Draw a curve. Then morph the surface by Morph to Curve command.

Figure 3   Morph the surface.jpg

Figure 3   Morph the surface

Step3Pattern the surface and sew them to get a solid shape.

Figure 4   Pattern and sew.jpg

Figure 4   Pattern and sew

Step4: Use Morph with Point tool to morph the top pole point of the pumpkin.

Figure 5   Morph with Point.jpg

Figure 5   Morph with Point

Step5: Define a sketch on the XZ plane. Draw a curve to remove the internal of the pumpkin.

Figure 6   Remove the internal.jpg

Figure 6   Remove the internal

Step6: Draw a curve on the XZ plane. Use the Swept Rod and Fillet commands to create the vine. Then combine the main shape and the vine.

Figure 7   Create the vine.jpg

Figure 7   Create the vine

Step7: Draw a circle on the XY plane. Extrude it to create a cover.

Figure 8   Create the cover.jpg

Figure 8   Create the cover

Step8: Draw a sketch on the XZ plane. Extrude it to create the face.

Figure 9   Create the face.jpg

Figure 9   Create the face

If you want to create more different styles based on this design, ZW3D can easily do it. We can use the morph commands to modify the pumpkin. Such as Stretch and Morph to Curve. Let me show you with the following steps.

Creative Design-1

Morph the shape quickly and get a bigger pumpkin.

Figure 10   Creative design 1.jpg

Figure 10   Creative design 1

Step 9Use the Stretch command to modify the cover and body of the copy with the same parameters.

Figure 11   Morph the shapes.jpg

Figure 11   Morph the shapes

Creative Design-2

Morph the face from happiness to anger and get an angry pumpkin.

Figure 12   Creative design 2.jpg

Figure 12   Creative design 2

Step 10: Based on the main shape to draw a new sketch profile on the XZ plane. Extrude it to create the face solids.

Figure 13   Create the face solids.jpg

Figure 13   Create the face solids

Step 11Use the Stretch command to modify the cover, body and mouth of the copy with the same parameters.

Figure 14   Morph the shapes.jpg

Figure 14   Morph the shapes

Step 12Draw 2 sets of curves beside the left eye and mouth. Use the Morph to Curve command to modify the mouth with the 1st set curves. Modify the eye twice with the 2nd set curves.

Figure 15   Morph the mouth and eye.jpg

Figure 15   Morph the mouth and eye

Step 13Mirror the eye and adjust the position of them. Finally, combine the body, mouth and eyes to get the face.

Figure 16   Get the face.jpg

Figure 16   Get the face

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