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What are the prerequisites for installing ZW3D?

A:System Requirements:ZWSOFT recommends the following minimum (preferred) configuration for operation of ZW3D Software...

How to use Clearances, Approach and Retract

Inside ZW3D are many functions that allow you to control the path of the tool. A very important one is the clearances.

How do I get component parts to regenerate when the assembly is activated?

A: From the Assembly Browser, right click on the component and pick 'REGEN'.

How do I output a tool path to the IMS Post processor?

A:1. Create a new ZW3D User (by going through the installation and ONLY creating a new user).2. Copy the direct...

What are the extensions and meanings for the file types that ZW3D understands?

A:Image typesGIF - Graphics Interchange FormatJPG/JPEG - Joint Photographics Experts GroupTIF/TIFF - Tagged Image Fi...

How do I measure a distance with respect to a user defined plane (or face)?

A: INQUIRE – Distance – Plane - Point

How do I create a 3D wire frame section in the model?

A:Create a sketch of the section lines (typically an open boundary)Use the Named Section Curves command on the W...

How do I create Solid Text Emboss?

A:Create a sketchAdd text using ReadyText on the ReadySketch toolbarExit SketchUse INLAY CURVES command found behind SHELL on the Shape toolbar

How do I insert points from a file?

A: Use a Comma separated Ascii text file (not a word doc)Format:# pound sign is a comment line#upper (group lab...

What is the basic procedure for creating a mold?

A:Split part into core and cavityTurn auto-sew offParting lines on the coreParting surfacesCreate an extrusion for...

What is the basic procedure and attributes for rendering?

A:Click on the Visualize toolbarClick on Set rendering attributesBackdrop should generally be whiteRendering Mode -...

What is the typical IGES import procedure?

A:Run the import with the options selected adding "Remove Duplicate Surfaces" and possibly adding "Auto activate p.

How does ZW3D deal with STEP?

A: ZW3D will import and export both STEP AP203 and AP214 formats.

How do I stop mouse trails?

A: There are two settings on Windows 2000 that need to be set for people who are experiencing the mouse trails...

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