ZWSOFT Donates ZW3D to AMM in Mexico

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“It’s great because the support from ZWSOFT helps make bigger difference and realize the possibility to create more projects for our universities, students, teachers and companies, which supports us to seek better cooperation between industrial market and schools,” said Ph.D. Emilio Vargas, Founder of AMM.


In August 2019, ZWSOFT donated 100 ZW3D licenses with committed technical support to AMM (Asociación Mexicana de Mecatronica A.C), the non-profit civil association in Mexico to support local education of mechatronics.

Figure 1. From left to right: Jorge Orozco Ramirez, Principal of AMM; Ph.D. Emilio Vargas, Founder of AMM; Jesus Esparza, ZWSOFT Regional Manager in Latin America


Founded in 2001, AMM has been devoted to spreading mechatronic knowledge including mechanical engineering, computing, electronics, etc. and promoting the development of mechatronics in Mexico for 18 years. Through connecting higher education institutions, research centers and related industries, AMM gathers strengths from different parties to benefit the society, contributing significantly to the training of polytechnic students and the development of technologies.

To further promote the education of mechatronics, AMM had been looking for a 3D CAD/CAM solution to apply to onsite training. However, in the education area, the current solutions are not flexible enough in CAD design, demanding in hardware, and too expensive for universities, teachers and students to afford. Knowing that AMM shares the same ideas of promoting mechatronic education, ZWSOFT decided to support AMM with 100 licenses of ZW3D, an all-in-one CAD/CAM solution.

Figure 2. Jorge and Jesus are signing the donation agreement

Designed for the whole process of product development, ZW3D offers full functions for CAD design, Mold design and CAM programming, which help students better understand the real industrial process and needs. Also, thanks to the friendly user interface and easy-to-use commands of ZW3D, students can adapt to this new CAD/CAM software easily, satisfying their comprehensive studies of CAD/CAM software.

Figure 3. The friendly user interface of ZW3D

 So, how does ZW3D help with AMM’s training programs in practice? AMM designed different sectors for mechatronic training programs. In the beginning, the basic software knowledge will be introduced, such as the software interface, workflow and basic operations like setting file management and importing files from other CADs, which is particularly easy thanks to ZW3D’s powerful CAD data exchange.

Then students will learn CAD features such as sketching, modeling, assembly design, reverse engineering, etc. The third sector of the training is about mold features, including splitting, using standard parts library and generating BOM. CAM features will be taught after that, such as 2X turning, 2X & 3X milling for complex parts. Also, students will experience VolumillTM, a highly efficient roughing strategy. Last but not least, they will learn to connect ZW3D with SimLabTM for rendering and simulation. Through the training in different sections, students can master the knowledge of complete product development.



Feeling excited, Jorge Orozco Ramirez, Principal of AMM, said: “This program is very beneficial to the education industry in Mexico. For us, AMM is excited that the donation can help us offer our affiliated universities, students and teachers easy access to advanced technologies. Our mission is to help cultivate future mechatronic engineers in Mexico with high-end technology, and ZWSOFT can help us with that.”


It was neither the first time and definitely nor the last time that ZWSOFT donated software licenses and offered technical support to the education industry. With the hope of helping people in different industries better learn engineering software, so as to help them work better and increase social productivity, ZWSOFT is willing to continue contributing to CAx education in different areas and by multiple ways.


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