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      2X Machining
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      3X Machining
  • CAD Modeling
    • Show-n-Tell™ Tutorial

        Learn ZW3D at your own pace on your own schedule. Get up and running fast with Show-n-Tell 3D tutorials, that work like a 3D book. The Show-n-TellTM Tutorial system is embedded into all of the ZW3D products, providing on screen step-by-step lessons on a wide range of topics. Show-n-tellTM is also has a complete set of authoring tools and is used for design review assembly instructions.

        More about Show-n-TellTM Built-in Tutorials.


    Directly read other CAD data from CATIA, NX, CREO, SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDEDGE, INVENTOR, including 3D models and PMI. With "Associative import" function, the imported 3D model can be updated after editing in ZW3D. Any 3D models can be directly saved as CATIA V4/5 part or assembly file. Note: To activate CATIA/SolidWorks 2D drawings import and JT import and export requires additional plug-in licenses.

    Imported Format.png

    Exported Format.png

    • Translator for IGES, PARASOLID, STEP, DWG/DXF, VDA, STL

    ZW3D has good capability to convert 3D model file, including IGES, PARASOLID, STEP, DWG/DXF, STL, VDA file. For image file (jpg, tif, bmp), many work can be done in ZW3D. Such as 2D images imported into sketch environment can be converted to lines, arcs or curves. Any CAD model can be saved as 2D/3D PDF.


    • 2D Sketch with Ready-sketch Library

    Sketching is easy in ZW3D especially with tools such as Quick Draw and Ready-sketch. These automation tools allow users to create fully-constrained sketches with a single command. Besides editing tool and dimension & constraint tools, various inspection tools can help designers to quickly create a well-define sketch, such as curve connectivity or overlap inquiry.


    • 3D Wireframe and 3D Sketch

    Quickly draw the free curves with wireframe tools. And different types of curves can be easily got, including projection curves, intersection curves, silhouette curves, centerlines and so on. The 3D sketch is an independent environment. Apart from drawing 3D curves, designers can add dimensions and constraints as needed. 

    ZW3D 2019 New Features:

    1. New “Isocline Curve”

    2. New “Number” in “Offset Curves”

    3. New “From File” option in "Point" and “Point Cloud Curve”

    • Hybrid 3D Shape & Feature Modeling

    In ZW3D, 3D modeling can directly start with quickshape without the sketch. A range of tools are provided for true parametric (dimension driven) feature-based modeling, including equation manager, history manager, design tools, part configuration and so on. With ZW3D, users learn fast with Show-n-Tell tutorial, and work fast with clear 3D design workflow. 

    In ZW3D, 3D modeling can directly start with Quickshape without a sketch. A range of tools is provided for true parametric (dimension driven) feature-based modeling, including equation manager, history manager, design tools, part configuration and so on. ZW3D is easy-to-learn. Besides intuitive UI, users can easily get command of it with Show-n-Tell tutorial and clear 3D design workflow.

    ZW3D 2019 New Feature:                                                                                      

    1. New “Quick Rollback” to accelerate redefinition

    2. New Explicit Shape/Wireframe Feature involved in history feature

    3.New Shape Attribute

    4.New “User Define Feature”

    5.Enhanced Boolean & DE function

    6.New "Thicken" function

    7.Efficiency improvement for display,blank/unblank,preview & modelling

    • Assembly Design

    ZW3D offers a set of tools to handle your big and complex products and assembly. From inserting component, defining alignment, inquiring status to interference check, all work of Top-Down assembly design can be performed. In addition, customizable part library function is provided. In ZW3D, designers can easily do in-place component editing and conveniently manager the assembly project with multi-object file.

    ZW3D 2019 New Features:                                                                                        

    1. Expanded Assembly Manager for in-context assembly

    2. New “Rename Assembly”

    3. New Flexible Assembly

    4. New 3D BOM

    5. Pattern/Mirror components with constraints

    6. Enhanced assembly constraint

    • Real View and Model Analysis

    Dynamic section view and visual analysis tools are provided to check surface quality and product structure, such as draft angle and thickness analysis. Users can continuously work on a model while displaying either a zebra stripe or draft analysis thus providing instantaneous, real-time feedback without interruptions or slow-downs. 

    • 2D Views, BOM/Hole Tables

    Whether laying out 3D models or using traditional drawing techniques, ZW3D makes it simple to create production drawings and details. Creating views of 3D models and assemblies is easy, since all views update automatically to reflect model or assembly changes.

    • Automatic layout with projection, sectioning and detailing

    • Dimensions and annotations include ANSI, ISO, DIN, JIS and GB standard

    • Generate the bill of material, hole tables with auto-ballooning

    • Easy to customize symbol, hatch pattern and 2D sheet templates

    ZW3D2019 New Features:   

    1. New projection source settings to extrude or include from views.

    2. Projection Views support Picked Shapes

    3. New “Auto Dimension”

    4. Support more Dimension Type

    5. New “Stack Balloons” and “Sort Stack Balloons”

    6. Enhanced 2D BOM to support inherit 3D BOM

    7. Style Manager support to manage more objects.

    • Geometry Healing

    With ZW3D healing function, users can analyze and quickly repair abnormal conditions (e.g., open edges, tiny gaps, duplicate faces, intersection loop) found in the geometry of imported files. Thousands of such problems can be solved in minutes. Even though ZW3D can go straight to work on poor geometries, great healing tools are still essential to anyone that works with imported data.

    • Direct Editing

    ZW3D gives designers a simple way to quickly modify any 3D model geometry with direct editing tools. Simply pick the model geometry and make fast adjusting without history regeneration. Direct Editing combines the speed and flexibility of modeling with precise control of dimension-driven designs. It helps designers to speed up design and save time.

    • Product Manufacturing Information (PMI)

    PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) is 3D annotation, which allows designers to intuitively create dimension and annotation on the 3D entities. All PMI objects are listed in view manager, and can be inherited to related 2D views.



    • Library Design

    Library design consists of part seriation and library definition, which can speed up the design process, save time, increase productivity and reduce mistakes.

    Configurations allow designer to create multiple variations of a part with different part attributes, variables, features and dimensions, or different version of an assembly with different part configuration, component status and constraint parameters.

    The library can be easily created based on configuration data or defined by the excel file. During the design process, you could select the suitable part or assembly to reuse the library to raise efficiency.

    • Links to KeyShot, FEA,Traceparts and so on

    •KeyShot: User can directly export 3D model from ZW3D into KeyShot to make the attractive rendering.

    •FEA (SimWise): ZW3D can directly link with SimWise with optimized 3D data to finish stress-strain and deforming analysis.

    •Traceparts provides free 2D & 3D CAD files, modes and drawings of various kinds of standard part. These models or files can be directly inserted into ZW3D from the website.

    • Shape Morphing, Wrapping and Flex Tools

    ZW3D provides various morph, wrap and flex tools which can easily reshape the model. These edits can be made to open or closed shape, points, wireframe or STL models.

    • Morph shape according to different rules

    • Wrap a set of geometries to a set of faces

    • Directly bend, twist or taper the shape to get a new one

    • Free Form (Class-A Surfacing)

    Efficiently create the high-quality surface model by ZW3D freeform tools, such as UV curve mesh, FEM patch and Dome. Based on the unique Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling technology, ZW3D break the limit between solid modeling and surface modeling and speed up the modeling process, especially for surface modeling.

    • Expert Assembly & Animation

    Expert assembly provides the designer with tools to finish both top-down and bottom-up design, which can facilitate automatic updates across multi parts. Also designers can define alternate components, different configurations, exploded view, etc.

    With animation tools, designers can demonstrate the design's basic operation as they would with a real life product.


  • Application
    • Sheet Metal Design

    ZW3D Sheet metal module provides user with a full set of tools to finish various sheet metal designs which including various flange creation tools, froming tools and editing tools such as Extend flange, Bend taper and so on. Besides, ZW3D can easily convert external sheet metal part or solid part into ZW3D sheet metal part and then unfold it correctly. 



    • Weldment Design

    ZW3D weldment module provides various structure design tool as well as structure BOM for weldment design. Users can work from design to drafting seamlessly no matter use Pre-defined or customized profile. 

    • Reverse Engineering - Point Cloud

    Built-in reverse engineering module provides tools to build surface or 3D model from STL files, point cloud or scan data. And the prepared model can be used for CNC machining.

    • Point block creation and editing

    • Editing tools for triangle mesh

    • Directly get cross section curve from STL model

    • Analysis Point Cloud Surface Fit


    • Electrodes Design

    ZW3D electrode module provides automated tool and manual assistant tools for electrode creation. User can works seamlessly between electrode design, drafting and CAM. 

    ZW3D 2019 New Features: 

    1.Reformed “Electrode Blank”

    2.Reformed “Electrode Drawing”

    • Mold Design

    According to the mold design process in practice, ZWmold offers corresponding process tools for model preparation, splitting, detail structure design, and mold base & standard part library to increase work efficient. 

    • Single-cavity and multi-cavity mold design

    • Flexible splitting methods--parting line method and core&cavity region definition method

    • Efficient creation of cooling, channer,plug/connector hole in core and cavity blocks

    • Various of predefined mold base library, such as DME, FCPK,FUTABA, HASCO, LKM

    • Numerous standard parts, such as screw, guide pillar, ejector pin, locating ring and so on

    ZW3D 2019 New Features: 

    1. Update in “Region Analysis”

    2. Better parting line tools

    3. New “Region Definition”

    4. More powerful “Patch”

    5. Reformed “Parting Face”

    6. New “Edit Parting Face Attributes”

    7. Enhanced workpiece and trim

    8. Reformed standard library and standard part



    • FTI (Add-on Module)

    FTI is an expert tool for user to unfold complicate models. And it is the most accurate and most recognized real-time material cost reduction tool for estimators and tool engineers.

    • Nesting (Add-on Module)

    Nesting can directly pick any geometries to form close loops as "Nesting Profiles" and "Blank". It is suitable for sheet metal working, woodworking, packing, printing, etc. Nesting needs a specified dongle key inserted into user’s PC to activate before starting.

  • CAM Manufacturing
    • 2-Axis Turning

    ZW3D 2X turning includes outer diameter and inner diameter roughing, finishing, threading, grooving operations, as well as hole making operation.

    • 2-Axis Milling

    The 2-axis milling provides a rich set of tool paths for rough stock removal and surface finishing. It also provides the means for the operator to make holes or cut access holes with drills or mill tools. The 2.5-axis tool paths include profiling and pocketing by collapsing step-over (inward or outward), parallel linear cuts, or continuous spiraling.        

    ZW3D 2019 New Function:                                                               

    1. Optimization of the “Link” function in 2X operation

    2.Subdivision of tool path type in 2X and QM operation

    3.Enhance the "Corner Control" function in 2X operation

    • Hole Making

    ZW3D automatically recognizes hole features and selects the proper tooling, spot drill, tap, c'bore or c'sink. ZW3D gives the users total control over parent tools. You can drill, bore, ream or tap points, circles, cylinders, half cylinders (common with imported parts) and native or imported holes.

    • Auto-feature Tactics

    Automatic generation of correct and efficient 3D CNC machining plans require the identification and association of features such as holes, slots and pockets, with a distinctive manufacturing process.

    Using ZW3D’s combination of tools, automation and shop-floor machining logic, ZW3D breaks down part topology into solid features and then analyzes the capabilities of library tools to produce an effective, efficient machining plan and generate a realistic machining workflow.

    • Tool Path Editor

    New tool-path editor tools enable users to easily and intuitively edit the entire or partial tool-path for higher machining efficiency.

    • Update the edited elements without re-calculating the whole tool-path, greatly saving programming time.

    • Easily trim the partial tool-paths with window pick, chain select and polygon select.

    • Freely change the sequence and direction of the tool-path with the reorder functions.

    • Quickly change lead in and lead out types of partial tool-paths in terms of manufacturing request with the re-link tools.

    • Solid Verification

    The Verification module enables you to view and analyze the geometry of the cut part, which will help programmers to assess the machining status intuitively. Solid Verify detects errors such as:

    • Inaccurate programming

    • Incorrect tool path motions

    • Collision detection such as fixtures, clamps and holders

    Mill-Turn Simulation:

    Milling and Turning strategies can be simulated in the same environment, helping us intuitively analyze each manufacturing status to safeguard machining process.

    • ZW3D Post Processor

    ZW3D Post provides advanced post-processing capability for converting cutter location data (APT-CL) into machine specific code (G and M code) required by CNC machines. ZW3D Post is integrated into all ZW3D machining bundles.

    ZW3D Post Features:

    • Supports 2-5 axis milling machines

    • An easy definition of the post processor via IE browser

    • An easy to use macro language

    • Enable to insert user commands into the NC file.


    • 3-Axis QuickMill™

    3 Axis  QuickMillTM offers dramatic speed and tool path improvements for tool and die machining applications, which has a full range of milling strategies and cutting techniques to create proper and precise cut pattern on 3D shape, accelerate the programming process on both simple and complex milling.  

    • Automatic and accurate rest materail detection are supported on both roughing and finishing strategies

    • Easy to generate the complete machining pattern on surfaces or regions via cut contact function

    • High surface finishing could be achieved easily combine with enormous milling patterns and regions division and definition

    • Undercut function extend the 3axis milling capability 

    ZW3D 2019 New Features:

    1. Optimized the roughing big step tool path

    • Smoothflow Adaptive Feedrate Control

    SmoothFlow™ technology mills cavities and pockets safely and efficiently by maintaining constant material removal during roughing thus extending tool life and reducing machine wear and tear. AFC (Adaptive Feedrate Control) automatically adjust federates based on tool loading to ensure a constant chip load. Higher feed rates are possible without the risk of tool breakage by reducing the radial pressure on the tool spindle, essential for optimizing HSM machines.

    SmoothFlow™ motion is softly contoured with corners and tight areas safely milled without full-width cuts which prevents tool and spindle overload. All of these factors are critical for unattended machining to achieve extended tool life and reduced milling time. ZW3D SmoothFlow™ gives programmers the confidence to boost productivity with ideal feed-rates and cutting technology.

    • 4 & 5-Axis machining (Add-on Module)

    5X milling provides various of operations for the user to create tool path effectively following their demands on 3D model, which offers strategies such as Plane, Swarf, Drive-curve, Flow, Side and Guide surface,  and convenient axis control via the definition of  the lead and roll angel manually or guide by the typical shapes automatically.

    • Volumill for ZW3D (Add-on Module)

    VoluMill for ZW3D is a high performance roughing strategy, including 2X & 3X Volumill for ZW3D. VoluMill’s ease-of-use and technology independence makes it simple to identify potential benefits. VoluMill for ZW3D, not only evens the loads on machine tools and cutting tools, enabling them to cut faster and deeper while under greatly reduced stress. Thus, Volumill for ZW3D reduce Cycle Time up to 70% and extend Cutting Tool Life up to 800% 

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