ZW3D Elementry Turtorial -1. ZW3D Interface Introduction

What does ZW3D look like? If you are a beginner, this video can help you learn ZW3D interface quickly.

ZW3D Elementry Turtorial -2. ZW3D File Types and Configuration Setting

Introduce ZW3D unique file type---multi object file. How to s...

ZW3D Elementry Turtorial -3. ZW3D Mouse Operations and Common Hotkeys

You will get good understand about ZW3D mouse operation and common hotkeys by this video.

ZW3D Elementry Turtorial -4. How to Customize the Interface and Hot keys

This video shows you how to customize the interface and hot-keys according to different requirements.

Basic Operations

What does ZW3D look like? Is the interface beautiful? If I’...

Set ZW3D file directory

This tutorial will show you how to set the user’s folder.


Using history manager to redefine the feature.

The top toolbar

Understand the ZW3D toolbar and operation windows

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