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New Features and Enhancements
New and Enhanced Features Boosts Your Design Efficiency

More frequently used functions have been added to ZWCAD+. Fundamental enhancements have also been made to take your design efficiency to the next level.

• SmartMouse redefines the way of interaction with customizable features.
SmartMouse, the mouse gesture feature in ZWCAD+, enables you to execute commands by just moving your mouse on a certain track to trigger frequently used commands such as New, Circle and Move. You can also customize commands for different mouse actions. It greatly helps speed up your design process.

• Tool Palettes
Tool palettes now include the new built-in Architecture, Mechanical, and Electrical blocks in ZWCAD+. Moreover, you can import and export the blocks you've customized.

• Associative Dimension
The newly added Associative Dimension allows you to update the locations, orientations, and measurement values of dimensions automatically when objects are modified.

• Block Attribute Manager
Now you can view, edit, and synchronize all of the attributes that are already attached to a block in the current drawing with Block Attribute Manager.

• Field (Object Properties)
With the now supported “Object” option for the Field command, you can create labels for your object properties, such as area and coordinates, and they will be update automatically when the properties change.

• Viewport Maximization
Viewport Maximization enables you to freely edit drawings through viewport without changing the viewport's scale and scope.

• Cycle Select
Cycle Select lets you select an object that overlaps other objects, and the relevant object will be highlighted, enabling you to select the right object the first time.

• Revision Cloud
You can indicate the certain areas of a drawing that contains revisions by creating Revcloud in Calligraphy or Normal style, or converting objects, such as a circle, ellipse, polyline, or spline, to a revision cloud.

• Snap(TK-Tracking)
It is easy to restrict cursor movement to specified intervals to improve your design accuracy with the newly added tracking option when snapping.

• Match Properties
Match Properties allows you to apply the properties of a selected object to other objects, not only in the same drawing but in different drawings as well.

• Batch processing on Layouts
You can select multiple layouts at a time and make the same modifications to them, such as delete, move and copy.

Fundamental Functionalities
Fundamental functionalities fulfill your daily drawing needs

ZWCAD+ includes all the fundamental features that you'll be using in your daily design to help you get your work done with ease.

• Draw & Modify
You can create a drawing from scratch or using a template file and modify the drawing in multiple ways.

• Annotate
Hatches, Dimensions, Tables, etc., make working with annotations easier and illustrate your ideas much more clearly.

• External References
With an External Reference, you can insert any drawing file to the current drawing. It helps you reuse drawing resources, and minimize repetitions.

• Hatch
You can hatch an area using various predefined hatch patterns, such as solid and gradient hatch, as well as create more complex hatch patterns.

• Image
Image allows you to insert or edit raster images in various image formats such as BMP, TIFF, GIF, JPG, PCX, and TARGA.

• Field
You can create a multiline text objects with a field which automatically updates when the field value changes.


Advanced Design Tools
Advanced tools speed up your documentation and management

These advanced tools help you better manage your design work, and speed up the whole documentation process.

• Layer Properties Manager
Layer Properties Manager lists all the layers and their properties for batch processing.By editing the properties and applying changes, it greatly reduces the visual complexity of a drawing.

• Design Center
Design Center allows you to search and access any CAD resource stored on your computer and other computers on the local network. You can insert the content in the current drawing, such as dimension styles, blocks, text styles, line types, and even layers from other drawings.

• Tool Palettes
Tool Palettes provide an efficient way to organize, share, and store tools, such as blocks, hatch patterns, and entities, including those from third party developers.

• File Compare
File Compare helps you spot even the most minor differences between two similar drawings by highlighting the differences with colors. You can easily find the variation between blocks, attributes and texts. Also, File Compare allows you to customize the comparison settings, such as colors, and filters.


Powerful Collaboration Functions
Powerful collaboration functions make co-work with colleagues easier

Collaboration is simple and easy with ZWCAD+. You can Publish, Plot, and Export the drawings, and share with your colleagues with just a few clicks.

• Publish
With Publish, models and layouts can be published to a single or multi-page DWF file or plotter, allowing you to share drawings with others safely and quickly.

You can use the Plot Style Manager to add, delete, rename, copy, and edit plot style tables. Plot style tables, such as Color-dependent (CTB) and named (STB) plot style tables, can be converted from one to the other depending on the plot style method the drawing is currently using.

• Plot Manager
You can plot drawings to files or to paper. Multiple options help you to fine-tune the results, such as specifying the paper size, setting the plot scale, selecting a plot style, or adding a plot.

• Export
Export enables you to save the objects in a drawing to many different file formats. It helps you communicate drawing information with other applications, such as ZW3D and Photoshop.



  • ZWCAD+ breaks through many key technical limitations. We've enhanced the performance, features and the entire user experience, but the most exciting improvement is how ZWCAD+ works smoothly and efficiently for the entire work day.
    - Kingdom Lin,
    ZWCAD+ Overseas Business Director

  • Besides the new Ribbon UI and a more fluid user experience, the newly supported "Object" option for the Field command and Revision Cloud are exactly what our customers need.
    - Gabriela Ciszyńska-Matuszek,

  • ZWCAD+ handles large drawings easily. I tried to open drawings that were over 20MB, and it only took three seconds. I'm really impressed.
    - Wang Xiaodong,
    CAD designer of Jiannan Shipyard Co., Ltd.

  • ZWCAD+ opens big files much faster, and the display accuracy of curved objects has been greatly improved. There's no need to apply ViewRes anymore. Associated Dimension is one of my favorite features in ZWCAD+.
    - Sonal Arora,
    Technical Engineer of Global Force Direct

  • Thanks for this innovation. Amazing environment, very user-friendly! More useful commands were added, so very helpful! I would like to share this with my colleagues.
    - Ces Ebuenga,
    Chairman of Education Committee of United Architects of the Philippines

  • It's more stable than my old version and it work better (faster) on my computer, very pleasant for eyes interface, quite intuitive and witch good tools location and segregation. Very nice program without any hesitation I would recommend it to my friends. In scale of 10 I give it solid 8.5.
    - Kajetan Kozłowski,
    Poznań University of Technology

  • I used it for some hours and i'm positively surprised with new features and options. Color books bug and true type font quality fixed, tool palletes with LOT of new options, great job!
    - Filipv,
    CAD designer from Croatia

  • I sometimes consult on compatibility for competitors to Autodesk, and from this I have a collection of tough drawing with which test DWG files. Here ZWCAD+ scored excellent, displaying every test drawing correctly.
    - Ralph Grabowski,
    Managing Editor at

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