ZWCAD Architecture
Individual Door and Window Creation
Direct access to the door and window from the screen menu. The separation of door and window tools is also designed by users preference which allows designers to get started with ZWCAD Architecture more quickly.

Parametrically Create Window Frame/ Jamb, Door Frame/Stop
Architects can define the window frame/jamb, door frame/stop parametrically, which largely guarantee design accuracy.

Style Manager for Door and Window
With the availability of the new style manager for door and window, users can easily store and re-use the style which dramatically speeds up design process and efficiency.

Layer Wall
When creating a new wall, you can add multiple layers, define the wall type, height, material, strength and hatch pattern for each layer of wall, you can even customize the baseline settings.

Import from Google Earth
Easily define whether your designs fit in the real geographic environment. Import any Google Earth snap shot to experience and improve your design even before they are built.

Make Every Word Tell with Unicode Upgrade

Big upgrade to ZWCAD+’s kernel enables all design information to be easily and accurately exchanged between different languages.

Experience a Simpler and Cleaner UI

A neater, flatter and more intuitive user interface, lets you get rid of long-time design visual fatigue as well as visual interruption.

Realistic Design with a Click of a Button

Simply draft a cross section and path or different cross sections in different positions,
and you can get a 3D model without any lag.

Speed up Your Design with Time-saving Tools

Reference Manager helps manage all external resource referred with ease.
Super Hatch extends traditional Hatch function by enabling hatching with block, reference and image etc.

Other Enhancements
A Help manual(in English) is included in this version, to help you understand the program. As well, more bugs fixed to improve the performance of ZWCAD Architecture.

Try ZWCAD Architecture 2015 SP1 Now!
It helps you to enhance your workflow, automate tedious drafting tasks and reduce errors.

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