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1 CAD Solution, 2 Designers, 13 Years and Many More

Two of the first ZWCAD users from Poland shared with us their years-long experiences with ZWCAD.

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By the end of 2019, two independent designers, Mr. Wiesław Olesiak and Mr. Janusz Drożak had an interview with SZANSA, the Polish ZWSOFT partner and talked about their past, present and future with ZWCAD.


Watch it below to get insights from these two veteran comprehensive designers.

The CAD Solution that Keeps Small Businesses Afloat

Keeping a small business afloat is never easy. When it comes to small-scale design firms, the software overheads could be daunting if the owners didn’t choose their CAD solutions wisely.

Mr. Wiesław Olesiak and Mr. Janusz Drożak run their respective one-person company that undertakes comprehensive design projects. They started working together back in the late 20th century. As their services were gradually winning the approval of the market, they realized that if they didn’t opt for another powerful yet affordable CAD solution, their one-man shows might not go on due to higher software costs.

After trying ZWCAD out in 2006, Mr. Drożak immediately recommended it to Mr. Olesiak. And they both decided that it was the exact solution needed for tackling complicated projects and building their businesses. “We felt that it is much more accessible to smaller companies than other solutions,” Mr. Drożak approved.

From then on, they’ve accomplished hundreds, if not thousands of projects with it. Moreover, they’ve seen its progress throughout the years and will keep upgrading it to the latest version. “Right now, we are working with ZWCAD 2019 and are in the process of upgrading to 2020,” said Mr. Drożak.

Figure 1. One of their many architectural designs.jpg

Figure 1. An apartment in Bielsko-Biala designed by them in 2018

Successful Projects Accomplished with ZWCAD

One of the first projects they completed using ZWCAD was an emergency ward of a hospital in Sucha Beskidzka. They created the architectural drawings, did the calculations, offered consultation and supervised the construction of the ward. Even though there were always new demands, they had no trouble editing and plotting the drawings with ZWCAD. “Thanks to ZWCAD, I can enrich the designs with ease,” Mr. Drożak added.

When talking about their flagship design, their faces beamed with pride and joy. It was the car saloons invested by the Volkswagen® Group. Based on the conceptual designs and amendment requests made by the investor, Mr. Drożak and Mr. Olesiak had been working on the project for about 9 years. During that period, a mountain of DWG files, which were usually large flooded to them, so their efforts wouldn’t have borne fruit if ZWCAD wasn’t compatible, stable and fast enough. “In both our cases, it meets all the requirements,” Mr. Olesiak affirmed with a nod.

From this case, it’s not hard to imagine how tight their work schedule is. For them, time is money, so they did hesitate to switch to ZWCAD at first. Nevertheless, its intuitive user interface and handy functions greatly shortened their learning curve and time-to-market, clearing their hesitation away.

Figure 2. The to-be-built Church of Bielsko-Biała designed by them with ZWCAD.jpg

Figure 2. The to-be-built church of Bielsko-Biała designed by them with ZWCAD

The Indispensable High-touch Services for High-tech


But of course, no one would hold on to a solution that comes with awful or no technical support even if it is excellent. Since their offices are only a 5-minute walk from that of SZANSA, Mr. Drożak and Mr. Olesiak can always drop by to have their issues solved right away. Also, regular meetings about the new functions of ZWCAD are held to get the first-hand information through to them. “The fact that ZWSOFT is also present is a huge plus,” Mr. Olesiak expressed his appreciation.

Both high tech and high-touch services offered by ZWSOFT help these two independent designers maintain a competitive edge. On that account, they’ll keep using ZWCAD to design attractive buildings that add to the beauty of Poland in the years ahead.