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ZWCAD Architecture Ignites Marcin Sikora’s Passion in Construction

“ZWCAD is the best program for me, for now and future.” said Marcin Sikora, a licensed construction engineer in Poland.

2018-07-11 09:53:00 1366

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ZWCAD is the best program for me, for now and future.”said Marcin Sikora, a licensed construction engineer in Poland.


Marcin became a licensed construction engineer in 2003. As a constructor, Marcin needs to use different calculating programs or design programs to do his work. It was eight years ago when he first used ZWCAD, and it was then that he noticed that there was actually a program on the market that can do the same thing but with only a fraction of the price. Since 2013, he and his sister Sylwia used ZWCAD Architecture to complete their projects.


Marcin became a fan of ZWCAD ever since, and so far he has tried out ZWCAD Architecture from version 2012 to 2015. “Like all other Revit users, I can use ZWCAD Architecture to do anything. It is not a problem.” said Marcin Sikora. He also found that whenever there was a problem with the program, he can always get the most knowledgeable service instantly from the Polish reseller, UI SZANSA.


What Marcin especially likes about ZWCAD Architecture is that ZWCAD Architecture has a lot of useful tools, which means it provides more possibilities for him to do modeling, especially parameter modeling of buildings.


“For small firms like mine, ZWCAD as a cost-effective program is very suitable and useful.” He hopes that more and more users can benefit from ZWCAD.

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