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ZWCAD Design Concept

"A great CAD software company should not only know what designers currently need but also what they are going to need. A great CAD software should not only be highly compatible, but also meet ifferent designers' needs." said Daniel, "ZWCAD's R&D team delegates innovative and leading CAD design concepts focusing on user needs and insisting on providing high-quality and cost-effective products."

"To facilitate designers by providing high-quality, cost-effective programs, whilst maintaining high compatibility and innovation."

ZWCAD Product Manager
Daniel Huang

ZWCAD Develops Based on Customer Needs

ZWCAD's new memory optimization technology reduces memory usage by 50% — allowing your drawings to be processed and opened faster than before. ZWCAD also has low basic requirements to hardware, which means you do not need to upgrade your PC as frequently. Its small installation package includes enough functions to satisfy users' daily design needs, allowing anyone with a computer to design.

"ZWCAD supplies light-weight software so that youcan spend less and design more. "

Augus Shi
Senior Manager of R&D

Designers from different countries often need to cooperate and xchangedrafts. ZWCAD supports accurate multilingual display with its Unicode upgrade. Users can share their drafts and exchange their ideas with designers from all over the world, without any language obstacles.

"As global integration deepens, cooperation and communication between designers from different language backgrounds become unavoidable and necessary."

Sanjoy Biswas
ZWCAD Global Product Consultant

Usually designers find it is time-consuming to detect small differences in old and new editions of a drawing. The unique feature, File Compare, enables customers to easily discover detailed differences between two very similar. As users can imagine, this largely improves efficiency.

"Comparing different versions of the same drawing can be annoying, time-consuming, and largely unproductive."

John Du
Senior Engineer of R&D

Finding out the layer users want to edit one by one can slow down the rate of progress of users and limit the designer's imagination. Layer Browser lets users quickly find the layer that needs to be edited.

"Reviewing previous layers is a frequent occurrence and can always inspire you to come up with new ideas."

Fish Huang
Fish Huang Senior Engineer of Product Team

"In order to better meet individual customer design requirements, CAD software must support VBA, LISP, NET and others interfaces for customized needs." said Jacob. ZRX and ARX are now code-level compatible. Lisp routines can now run directly on ZWCAD with only a few modifications. The new APIs enable developers to port their applications to ZWCAD 10 times faster.

"Code-level compatible APIs easily create better solutions."

Jacob Dunkelman
ZWCAD Global Product Consultant

Architectural designs pursue precision and accuracy to the real world environment. ZWCAD will directly import graphic snapshots from Google Earth soon. We are developing this new feature to allow users to view their final design in the real world.

"Interactive design software is gaining popularity and importance."

Arphone Pei
Senior Engineer of API Team

ZWCAD Promotes Innovation

"With the popularity of smart phones and tablet PCs , the benefits of viewing and editing their drawings on their mobile devices wherever they go are obvious." Patrick forecasted, "the exclusive features of voice annotation and image insertion directly on the work site are a real advantage when compared with equivalent ?"

"A flexible workflow between desktop and mobile gives designers the opportunity to take their drawings with them anywhere, anytime."
ZWCAD provides a mobile solution, which lets you work freely on your desktop and on the go.

Patrick Miault
ZWCAD Global Product Consultant

Smart Mouse, Smart Peek, Smart Select, Smart Voice, and a new simpler and cleaner interface are tailor-made to give users a lighter-weight, faster and more flexible user experience.

"We innovate to optimize your user experience."

Mary Wang
Researcher of Innovation Team

ZWCAD Guarantees Product Quality

ZWSOFT R&D Team is focused on continually improving CAD compatibility. Great compatibility by reading and writing .DWG files and other mainstream formats like DWF, DXF and so on, smoothly share rawings with other CAD products without data loss. ZWCAD works fluently and performs solidly with drawings that are over 100 MB, ensuring non-interrupted operations.

"Having been through over 50,000 extremely rigorous drawing, ZWCAD makes cross-platform communication easier than ever before with seamless .DWG compatibility."

Kevin Cai
Senior Manager of ZWCAD Testing Team

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