Installation And Registration Guide


There are two kinds of licenses: Stand-alone License and Network License. Either Stand-alone License or Network License, the product has no difference in functions. Users can choose anyone corresponding to their needs.

You can use ZWCAD in trial mode for 30 days. During the trial period, the product performs as an activated one.

Stand-alone License

Stand-alone License users can obtain a license by providing an activation ID or installing a dongle. Using either an activation ID or a dongle, the authorization can be transferred from one computer to another.

For the Stand-alone License, you should return the original authorization before activating it on another computer with the same activation ID.

Network License

Network License users can obtain a license from the authorized server. The one with an activation ID can not only distribute but also borrow licenses to workstations.

Workstations can obtain licenses from an authorized server when they connect to this authorized server, which is called Floating License. An authorized server dynamically allocates a network license, reclaims the license when the product is inactive and re-allocates it.

Workstations can obtain licenses from an authorized server and store the authorized information, which is called Borrowing License. The workstation can still have authorization as it has a stand-alone license when disconnected from the server.

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