A friendly and cost saving upgrade policy
We provide you with the best upgrade policy ever. There is no
forced annual upgrade policy. For those who are currently using
ZWCAD, we provide upgraded versions with continuous improvements.
It only costs users a one-year upgrade fee from any previous version
to the latest ZWCAD version.

How can ZWCAD bring you greater value?
Use ZWCAD Business Value Tool
Flexible Licensing Options
Compare different features of licensing options to choose the one that best fits your needs.
Licensing options Stand-Alone Network
Soft-key Dongle Soft-key
copies per license One copy per License Multiple copies per
Floating License
License Borrowing
Deployment Wizard
LAN Connecting
VPN Licensing
Benefits of the Network Softkey License
Soft-key enables you to transfer licenses to different computers, which is ideal for computers in different locations.

License borrowing allows the workstation to use a copy of the network license without connecting to the server and work outside of the office.

Send the installation files to a shared folder for LAN without a domain. Then the workstations can install and configure the license from the shared folder.

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) setting enables long-distance licensing, ideal for multinational companies to manage their license(s).
Benefits of company licenses
Company Licenses are a budget saving policy for companies who need many copies of ZWCAD, for example 150+ copies. It ensures the unlimited usage of ZWCAD, and satisfies the maximum demand of the company with minimum cost.

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