The ZWSOFT Overseas division is responsible for the global business of ZWSOFT, including technical support, marketing support, sales support and more. ZWSOFT tapped into overseas markets in 2004 and thanks to the efforts of this group, has increased its coverage exponentially. The ZWSOFT Overseas Team is integral to the management and optimization of the ZWSOFT brand world-wide.
The ZWCAD Sales Team
The sales team is our front-line. They effectively analyze market trends to create promotional strategies. The Sales Team works with new agents and maintains strong bonds with channel partners on behalf of ZWCAD and ZWSOFT. Our members are a perfect combination of analytical vigor and personality.
The ZWCAD Product Team
Turning needs into tangible features is the main focus of the Product Team at ZWCAD. Members carefully listen out and liaison within to our developers to optimize our final products. Along with this, the teams are also responsible for all technical supports in regards to ZWCAD.
ZW3D Sales Team
Analyzing the market and working out corresponding strategies to promote sales; the sales team is considered the “fighters” on the front line. They represent ZW3D and ZWSOFT and build strong relations with our partners and clients.
ZW3D Product Team
Providing technical support and turning amazing ideas into tangible functions are the responsibility of product team at ZW3D. Members constantly do research and exchange ideas with partners to develop project solutions to provide optimum products. Along with this, the teams are also in charge of all technical and training supports regarding ZW3D.
Marketing Team
Comprised of a number of well-suited characters, the Overseas Marketing Team at ZWSOFT focuses on global brand management that includes but is not limited to: visibility, mindshare, and strategy and local marketing support to help partners to better propaganda the products in their area.

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