You have multiple choices.

ZWCAD gives you choices with perpetual license

and first-class industry services.

Discover benefits of ZWCAD perpetual license

ZWCAD provides perpetual licenses, so you have a right to use your software for as long as

you want. You can also enjoy industry-leading services and get support with ZWCAD

maintenance plan.

Perpetual not
time-based license
  • You can run it forever.
  • No need to worry about license lapse.
Lower long-term cost
  • One-time payment instead of recurring payment.
  • The lowest-cost option in the long run.
Flexible access to upgrade
  • Friendly non-mandatory upgrade policy.
  • Upgrade to the latest version with only one-time upgrade fee.
Clear budget control
  • Save the trouble of frequent renewals.
  • Lower your administrative cost and make it foreseeable.
Less Internet dependency
and stronger data security
  • 100% control of where or when to store your data locally.
  • ZWCAD stably works all day long without the Internet.

Find the right maintenance plan that fits you.

ZWCAD maintenance plan is offered to satisfy needs of our users. You can enjoy industry-leading services and get support with ZWCAD maintenance plan.


Subscription Plan

(Esp for medium and large enterprises)

  • Not mandatory
  • Advanced technical support
  • Access to the latest version
  • More favorable price than the upgrade

Upgrade Plan

  • Not mandatory
  • Normal technical support
  • Whenever to upgrade to the latest version
  • Upgrade from any version but only charge once


Get the best price from ZWCAD.


US$ 1,199


US$ 1,499


1. The prices above are the official prices of ZWCAD, excluding VAT and service prices.

2. Exact reseller prices will vary by market. Please consult with your local ZWCAD reseller for further details.

3. Students and academic institutions enjoy non-commercial offers.

Flexible Licensing

ZWCAD offers both stand-alone license and network license to satisfy needs of our customers.


Flexible usage.

You can install and use ZWCAD in different places via either a dongle or a soft key, so you can use ZWCAD at your office or home. Also, ZWCAD can work all day long with or without Internet.


Floating license.

Network licensing provides a mode for multiple users or organizations with multiple offices to access ZWCAD within the same LAN (Local Area Network) or VPN (Virtual Private Network). A limited number of ZWCAD licenses are shared among a larger number of users, reducing the total cost for enterprises and SME companies.

Compare Perpetual and Rental

 ZWCAD PerpetualOther CAD's Rental
(Also called Subscription)
DurationPerpetual Time-based (Monthly / Quarterly / Annually)
Upfront paymentLower one-time payment Lower but recurring
LicensingStandalone or network license Named users (Standalone)
RenewalUsers decide when to upgrade Renew monthly, quarterly or annually
InternetCan work without Internet Log in every 30 days

After 5 years, you'll find you've spent…

 1 years2 years3 years4 years5 yearsTotal cost (US$)
ZWCAD Perpetual14990000
ZWCAD Perpetual+ Maintenance1499300300300300
Other CAD's Annual Rental16801680168016801680

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