ZWCAD Helps to Improve the Proficiency of Architecture Students in Indonesia

August 29, 2016     ZWCAD ZWSOFT CAD 2017

JAKARTA, August 29, 2016 - PT Piranti Nusantara Teknologi (PT Piranusa) started its cooperation with Higher Education institutions in Indonesia in an effort to support teaching, learning and improving students' ability in the field of architecture design on August 10, 2016.



To start this cooperation, Piranusa provided support in the form of a seminar, drawing competition and numbers of ZWCAD license to the three reputable universities, namely the department of architecture of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Bina Nusantara University (BINUS) and Pelita Harapan University (UPH). The three of them welcomed to cooperate with Piranusa as the official ZWCAD Distributor in Indonesia. ZWCAD Global attempted to support universities in Indonesia by boosting their proficiency through the creation of more creative design through these activities.



Work competition is very fierce these days, so college graduates are required to have a level of professionalism that is reliable and characterized by a high level of proficiency in the field. No exception, the world of architecture. This field also requires prospective architects to have high expertise in the use of various types of design software including CAD technology, so as to enhance the creative process of design creation.


As Ir. Kho Sin Hien of PIRANUSA, a representative of ZWSOFT (a CAD software provider) on the Indonesian market expressed, they will start cooperating with three colleges of architecture department – Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Bina Nusantara University (BINUS) and Pelita Harapan University (UPH).


"Through this cooperation we hope to participate actively in supporting the teaching and learning activities and to improve the ability of students in the field of CAD design technology, hopefully one day they can become professional and proficient architects in their field," he said.


ZWSOFT has officially launched the latest CAD software ZWCAD 2017 in August. ZWCAD itself is a CAD solution with good cost efficiency and reliability to meet the needs of the industrial design of 2D/3D which requires a size, accuracy and precision. So far ZWCAD is widely used in more than 80 countries and by more than 550,000 users.


Meanwhile Aswin Indraprastha, ST., MT., M.Eng., Ph.D., a representative of the Department of architectural Bandung Institute of Technology expressed that it welcomed the efforts of PT Piranusa who actively contributes to improving the ability of the students. "By introducing the latest CAD software, ZWCAD provides CAD solutions with cost efficiency as well as reliability to meet the needs of 2D/3D industrial design, so we appreciate it very much." said Aswin.


On another occasion, Stanley Wangsadihardja, Head of Department of Architecture in University of Pelita Harapan, supports these activities with the hope every student can try out a variety of CAD software so that they can enrich their experience and get ready to enter the career of architecture later.


The cooperation agreement between PT Piranusa with three universities marked the beginning of socialization and competition using ZWCAD in the Department of Architecture at each of the universities. The socialization activities as well as competition aim to:


a) Improve students' CAD skills.

b) Raise students’ passion to use CAD technology to get the very best work done.

c) Prepare students to compete in the future.

d) Promote alternative CAD software and provide young architects a choice.


The promotion of ZWCAD as an alternative CAD application is held in the form of a seminar. In this seminar, in addition to getting the latest CAD product information, students can also hear experience shared by a professional Indonesian architect.


For other sources can be seen in our principal website:


Many professions in Indonesia have obstacles in buying original CAD software.Therefore ZWCAD Indonesia starts talks with the Indonesia Architect Association (IAI) for further understanding and finding the best solution to overcome that obstacle.


According to Ahmad Djuhara, Chairman of the IAI National: "..... this is in line with one of the important things that becomes the primary concern of the National Board of IAI today to provide support to all members of IAI with CAD software that is effective, efficient and affordable for all Indonesia’s professional architect colleagues". IAI opened the opportunity for dialogue with all providers of CAD Technology, including ZWSOFT and PIRANUSA to be able to provide the best CAD solution in Indonesia.




PT Piranti Nusantara Teknologi (PIRANUSA) positions itself as a specialist in the field of information technology and software. Backed by a team of competent and experienced people, we use appropriate processes and tools to give appreciation to our customers' business environment. We help our customers to create, design, form initial concept and help them implement innovative business processes using appropriate technologies, enabling them to run their business more efficiently.


For our professional team, we provide them the best working environment and an environment to continue learning in order to equip them with strong business knowledge as well as technical knowledge.


PT Piranti Nusantara Teknologi has been appointed as the Authorized ZWCAD Sole Distributor in Indonesia. The partnership provides the best alternative solution for CAD users who want to increase productivity by using reliable CAD software for 2D & 3D design at an affordable price.


We are fully confident to provide our customers with the right products, not only because we have the best people and technology, but also because of our ability and confidence in aligning these factors together.



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