SPM is Running Well with ZWCAD 2018

December 22, 2017     Spatial Manager Application Developer

GUANGZHOU, China: December 22, 2017 – The first commercial version together with the free trial version of “Spatial Manager™ for ZWCAD” is now available for download after SPM (Spatial Manager) has managed to port itself to ZWCAD 2018.


As a powerful ZWCAD application, “Spatial Manager™ for ZWCAD” is born as an innovative tool for ZWCAD users who need to import, export and manage geospatial data in a simple, fast and inexpensive way, and it is believed that more functions could be dug out from this potential application. This lightweight plug-in running inside ZWCAD has the following amazing features:


ZWCAD Import & Export

It imports spatial data to new or existing ZWCAD drawings as ZWCAD entities and Extended Entity Data (EED), or exports entities from the drawing to spatial files or databases and saves their ZWCAD Extended Entity Data (EED) as alphanumeric data tables. The import to and export from ZWCAD are so fluent and flexible that ZWCAD’s powerful data interaction is fully demonstrated.



Figure 1. Import from Google Earth to Spatial Manager™ for ZWCAD


Transformation of coordinates

It can calculate geometric transformations of the features to make them in line with the import and export processes, which depends on the chosen Coordinate System (CRS) for the source and target data. This synchronization decreases both your workload and possible mistakes.



Figure 2. Define a transformation of coordinates


Data structure management and direct data edition

Users can manage the alphanumeric data by designing and editing the structure which will be used to store the data. They can also manage the tables and the fields according to their needs. In addition, the data values can be modified directly in the application’s palette. This customization makes your design handy by conforming to your design habits.



Figure 3. Attach tables and entitles


Background Maps

It allows users to choose from plenty of various Background Maps provided by OpenStreetMap, Bing, MapBox, Ordnance Survey, etc. These maps will enhance the quality of drawings and will let the users better compare and check.



Figure 4. Apply BG maps from many maps provider


User data sources

By incorporating the UDS technology, it can easily connect with spatial database servers or data stores, and enables the users to define the path to a particular spatial data file.



Figure 5. Create User Data Sources to access Servers and Stores


We may compare the functions mentioned just now as brilliant dancers, whose movements and postures are so amazing, which means that the functions perform very well. However, just like dancers cannot have a wonderful performance without a good stage, a stable operational platform is needed to give full play to the amazing functions.


With great compatibility thanks to the code-level compatible APIs, the easy porting with few adjustments and the timely technical support, ZWCAD is surely that great stage to hold such amazing “dancers”. What’s more, ZWCAD can also bring along a large amount of “audience” – a giant global network connecting 200 distributors and 550,000+ users, to make the “dancers” more famous.


About Spatial Manager

The Spatial Manager™ application suite allows you to control and handle all your spatial data using powerful but easy, inexpensive and high quality software products. You will find complete standalone applications, such as Spatial Manager Desktop™ or applications designed to run within design systems or geographic systems, such as Spatial Manager™ for ZWCAD.



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