GEOGEXFR Powered by Covadis and ZWCAD: Constructive Combo for Surveyors

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GEOGEXFR Powered by Covadis and ZWCAD: Constructive Combo for Surveyors

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GEOGEXFR Powered by Covadis and ZWCAD: Constructive Combo for Surveyors

Products 2020-06-24 09:22:00

GUANGZHOU, CHINA: June 24, 2020GEOGEXFR powered by Covadis®, a practical add-on for French-speaking surveyors, is available on ZWCAD 2020. Facilitating the process of surveying and creating topographic plans, this combination is trusted by big businesses like QUARTA, the second-largest French civil engineering group.

Based on Covadis® technologies, GEOGEXFR powered by Covadis is developed by GEOMEDIA SAS, a leading French application developer. GEOMEDIA solutions are reliable choices for over 6,000 European and African enterprises and public agencies in various fields.

The Essential Features Surveyors Need

From the basic topographic calculations to the advanced generation of sales plans, functions necessary for fulfilling surveying projects are at your disposal.

Creating sales plans with GEOGEXFR powered by Covadis in ZWCAD

Besides, GEOGEXFR powered by Covadis provides several libraries of 2D and 3D symbols as well as versatile label templates to boost efficiency. You can customize them to easily enrich your drawings. Further, a listing of objects and information displayed can be exported to an XLS file.

Moreover, it automates many routine tasks. For example, topographic plans can be automatically created with the geocodes of entities surveyed on site. The automation also makes scaling easier—the size or graphic representation of texts, symbols, hatches, etc. will automatically adapt to the change of scales.

Creating boundary plans with GEOGEXFR powered by Covadis in ZWCAD

The Positive Results Achieved

To satisfy customer demands for a ZWCAD-based application, GEOMEDIA decided to develop GEOGEXFR powered by Covadis. At first, they were impressed by its full DWG compatibility, familiar UI, and powerful functions. During the porting process, they found more of its potential. “ZWCAD starts and processes big files faster than other CAD platforms,” GEOMEDIA remarked.

With the timely support from ZW France and ZWSOFT, this collaboration has borne favorable fruits. “ZW France took our needs seriously. They helped us quickly set up a project platform with ZWSOFT, a major player in the CAD market. This collaboration helped us reach technological requirements and take a step further in our roadmap,” GEOMEDIA added. Customer feedback is positive as well. One of the corporate users acknowledged, “ZWCAD and GEOGEXFR powered by Covadis have been very well welcomed by our teams because almost no time of adaptation was needed. We can enjoy familiar tools while saving a substantial amount of software costs.”

Many more GEOGEXFR powered by Covadis and ZWCAD features are waiting for you to explore. Feel free to download the latest ZWCAD for a free 30-day trial and contact GEOMEDIA to know more.


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