GISkit BasisKaart on ZWCAD: Enables Easier Geographic Information Management

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GISkit BasisKaart on ZWCAD: Enables Easier Geographic Information Management

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GISkit BasisKaart on ZWCAD: Enables Easier Geographic Information Management

Products 2020-02-18 14:52:00

GUANGZHOU, CHINA: February 19, 2020 – To better manage and maintain their geographic peculiarities, such as canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes, the Dutch government and relevant agencies have been taking advantage of CAD technologies. Now that GISkit BasisKaart is ported to ZWCAD 2020, this job can be done far more easily.

Large-scale Topography in a Small App

GISkit BasisKaart is developed by GISkit® who provides GIS-related applications for CAD platforms in the Netherlands. Designed to help create and maintain large-scale topography in a simple and fast way, this add-on soon became a popular tool for editing the BGT (Basic Registration of Large-Scale Topography).

The BGT is a digital map that comprises the geographic elements, such as buildings, roads and watercourses in the Netherlands. It is intended for both source holders (often public agencies, for example, water boards), and registered users to share geographic information in an accurate, complete and timely manner.

An Easier Way to Edit the BGT

Since GISkit BasisKaart is built on IMGeo® 2.1 (Geography Information Model, an extension of the mandatory BGT), BGT-based coding, drawing, planning, importing and exporting can be achieved effortlessly.

Figure 1. Editing the BGT with GISkit BasisKaart in ZWCAD.jpg

Figure 1. Editing the BGT with GISkit BasisKaart in ZWCAD

First, IMGeo® codes are linked to the BGT, so that every adjustment done with GISkit BasisKaart will automatically show in the map. Besides, the objects described in the IMGeo® have already been turned into different hatches and lines, allowing you to start drawing and editing immediately. Moreover, any geometric imperfections will be indicated and automatically corrected within the tolerances thanks to its surface-forming feature.

After editing the BGT map, you can export it to an IMGeo® GML (Geography Markup Language) file so that the geographic data can be shared easily between different systems. Furthermore, linking and tuning those geographic objects to your management system is supported.

Realizing Its Potential on a Better CAD Platform

As a low-cost and high-quality application, GISkit Basiskaart is used by hundreds of government agencies and contractors. Nevertheless, the GISkit team often receives requests on their applications being ported to ZWCAD because it is budget- and user-friendlier than the CAD platforms that dominate the Dutch market. Hence, they decided to start porting it.

The challenging process of adapting the codes took about a year. Fortunately, the support they received kept them going. “ZWCAD proved a reliable partner in overcoming technical issues that came up during the development, being very responsive to questions and remarks on the product and development,” said one of the GISkit® developers.

According to the GISkit® team, ZWCAD has proved itself to be fast and stable when compared with the traditional CAD platforms. Therefore, they will continue porting their other CAD applications to ZWCAD. In this coming spring, GISkit Plankaart, the add-on for complying with the Dutch Environmental Management Act will be available.

If you are interested in this combo, you can download a 30-day free trial version of ZWCAD and request a quote or an online demo of GISkit® applications here.


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