Swiss all CAD on ZWCAD: Chosen by Major Manufacturers

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Swiss all CAD on ZWCAD: Chosen by Major Manufacturers

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Swiss all CAD on ZWCAD: Chosen by Major Manufacturers

Products 2020-05-25 09:07:00

GUANGZHOU, CHINA: May 25, 2020 Swiss all CAD®, a versatile add-on has been fully ported to ZWCAD 2020. This suite offers manufacturers more 3D functions and higher productivity with its ability to connect to ERP systems and CNC machines.

Swiss all CAD is developed by two experienced programmers and woodworkers from Switzerland, Andreas Hörler and Alex Ochsner. Being practical and powerful at a reasonable price since 1990, it has won the trust and praise of many renowned corporations, such as LG® and Panasonic®.

Combination of 2D Tools and 3D Direct Modeling

To start with, just like how ZWCAD is designed to bring you the intuitive experience, the user interface of Swiss all CAD is self-explanatory, allowing you to find your desired tools effortlessly. Besides, you can directly stretch solid objects as if they were 2D ones. This function makes the complex fitting work much easier. When your 3D model is ready, plans and sections can be directly generated. Moreover, layouts can be created automatically. This combination of easy-to-use 2D tools and 3D direct modeling saves you much time and labor.


Achieve More from .dwg Files

You could get vivid rendering results from technical DWG drawings using Swiss all CAD. Thanks to its modular structure, this application can be easily adapted and integrated into company-specific ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. Hence, salespeople and other staff can access customer solutions, work plans, parts lists, etc. more quickly. Furthermore, Swiss all CAD can help exchange data with a wide range of CNC machines, simplifying the manufacturing workflow and accelerating the time to market.


An Added Value for Manufacturers

There have been numerous requests for the add-on’s being ported to a more accessible CAD platform from the market. On this account, the Swiss all CAD team decided to port it to the fast, lightweight, and powerful ZWCAD. Eventually, they managed to finish the project with timely support from the ZWSOFT technical team. They remark approvingly, “ZWCAD offers much of what we expect from CAD software. Manufacturers will get an added value from this continuous collaboration.”

To get the first-hand experience, you can download the latest ZWCAD for free and contact the Swiss all CAD team for demonstration and training.


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