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ZWCAD 2019 SP2 is Officially Released

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ZWCAD 2019 SP2 is Officially Released

Products 2019-02-15 13:41:00

GUANGZHOU, China: February 15, 2019 ZWCAD 2019 SP2 is here now! Compared with ZWCAD 2019 SP1, which is called “the fastest release ever”, the efficiency of SP2 has been further enhanced, and the stability ties up with SP1. Let’s see what’s new in this release:

PDF Import: from PDF to CAD entities

The elements in PDF such as geometric objects, hatch objects, raster images and TrueType text can now be imported to the current drawing as CAD entities by PDFIMPORT. What’s more, except for importing the PDF files directly, you can as well transform the existing PDF Underlays into editable CAD entities.


Figure 1. Import PDF and turn it into CAD entity.

Through turning the elements in PDF into CAD entities, you can get and edit what you want from PDF files with ease.

Digital Signature on DWG Files

Digital Signature can now be attached to DWG2004, DWG2010, DWG2013 and DWG2018. You can attach digital signature to the current drawing by DIGITALSIGN command, and also to a batch of drawings by selecting Attach Digital Signature in the Start menu.



Figure 2. Sign on the current drawing.


Figure 3. Sign on a batch of drawings.

In addition, through command SIGVALIDATE, digital signature can be verified to check whether it is contained in the current drawing.



Figure 4. Check the existence and validation of digital signature.

3DORBIT: More Easy-to-use

Previously, there are only three options in the right-click menu of 3DORBIT – Exit, Pan and Zoom. Now, more options have been added to it, such as Virtual Aids, Shade Mode, Zoom Windows/Extents/Previous, Reset/Preset/Named View, etc. Moreover, functions like Constrain Orbit, Continuous Orbit and Adjust Distance are also available, making 3DORBIT easier and handier to use.


Figure 5. ZWCAD 2019 SP1 (on the left) and ZWCAD 2019 SP2 (on the right)

Except for the above important new features, there are also numerous improvements, which together bring you a more fluent and pleasant user experience. Why not have a try now?



Developed by ZWSOFT CO., LTD.(Guangzhou), which has helped 900,000 users from 90 countries create amazing things, ZWCAD is a powerful, reliable and DWG compatible CAD solution for worldwide users. Available in 15 languages, it provides innovative, collaborative and customizable features to designers and engineers in various industries such as AEC and MFG.

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