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ZWSOFT Completes A New Round of Financing

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ZWSOFT Completes A New Round of Financing

Products 2019-10-16 09:17:00

GUANGZHOU, CHINA: October 16, 2019 – ZWSOFT, a provider of engineering software and CAx solutions, today completed its second round of financing valued at CNY 140 million (approx. USD 20 million).

China’s leading institutional investor Addor Capital and China Internet Investment Fund together led this round of financing. Other major investors include Utrust, Yuexiu Financial Holdings, Guangdong Technology Financial Group, Fortune Capital and CASIC (China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp). Early in December last year, ZWSOFT has raised a total amount of CNY 80 million (approx. USD 11.43 million) in the first round of funding, which was led by Fortune Capital.


According to Truman Du, CEO of the company, the money raised would be spent on the research and development of core technologies, the global customer service system, and the integration of worldwide cutting-edge technologies and talents.

Founded in 1998, ZWSOFT provides engineering solutions including 2D CAD ZWCAD, 3D CAD/CAM ZW3D, electromagnetic simulation solution ZWSim-EM, 2D collaborative mobile solution CAD Pockets, and 3D CAD viewer CADbro.

Nowadays, ZWSOFT has R&D centers in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Beijing, and Florida. Distribution network has also been established in 90 countries, serving 900,000 users in different industries such as AEC, MFG, mechanical, automotive and shipbuilding.

As the industrial upgrade becoming a trend, it is believed that engineering software has a role to play.

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