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  • Parametric drawing in ZWCAD 2011 is definitely a breakthrough in how we design. With the help of Geometric and Dimensional constraints, you can make your editing work much easier.
  • Table is a new function in ZWCAD 2011, which provide you many functions that you find in Table from Microsoft Excel. It makes you interact with excel easily and save you a lot of time.
  • Field is very similar to Auto Text in MS Word. If you are familiar with MS Word Auto Text, you would easily be able to pick it up in ZWCAD. By using the Field command, you can update or change the text in the drawing during the life cycle of the drawing.
  • Solprof is a new feature for 3D in ZWCAD 2011. With this function, you can create 2D profile images of 3D solids for display in a layout viewport.
  • By using Qselect command in ZWCAD, it provides a method to list the object type and property which meet a list of selection criteria and jobs will be completed which meet the criteria specified by the options.
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