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You can open dwg files, view drawings with multitouch, as well as edit and annotate the drawings, providing greater facility for the designs to work on site. In addition, the newly-added polar tracking, object snap, image insertion, annotation and data sharing features can help you simplify the workflow while enabling faster design creation and better collaboration.

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Compatible with DWG 2013
The latest version of ZWCAD Touch now supports DWG 2013 perfectly, you can open DWG files including DWG 2013 without any problem, ensuring your team collaboration even on mobile devices.
Precision Drawing Tools

Object Snap

Center snap mode is added to allow users to quickly specify the center when sliding across a circle or an arc. Together with the endpoint and midpoint modes, users can draw a line to the center of a circle or to the midpoint of a polyline segment easily.

Precision Drawing Tools

ZWCAD Touch can restrict the cursor movement to specified angles. When users are creating or modifying objects, polar tracking can assist designers to ensure the accuracy.

Innovative Annotation Systems


Annotation has been made more intuitive with three kinds of tools to make linear, radius and angle dimensions, allowing users to efficiently measure distances and angles.


You can add vocal annotations to your drawings. It makes annotations smarter and easier, especially when conducting on-site project reviews.

Instant Image Insertion

Photos can be inserted into the drawings for reference, from their album or new photos, making approval workflow more efficient.

Easy Drawing Output
ZWCAD Touch provides quick drawing output and sharing tools similar to the plot feature in ZWCAD+. Specific areas of the current drawing can be saved as JPG files in smart phones and designers can even share them by email.
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