Soft-Key Authorization
Dongle Authorization

Upgrade with Soft-Key Authorization


For soft-key users, you have to return the old soft-key license before activating the latest ZWCAD with the upgraded new license.


Softkey - Network License 

1. Provide the reseller with the soft-key(license code) of your former ZWCAD (referred to as oldKey).

2. Obtain the new soft-key(license code) for ZWCAD. (referred to as newKey).

3. Return the oldKey to validate the newKey :
    a) Launch the ZWCAD Network License Manager from the Windows Start Menu.
    b) Click Return > Online Return > OK .
*If the internet is unavailable, please refer to "2.5 Network License Return" of ZWCAD Activation Guide.
4. At Server : upgrade the Network License Manager program, activate and configure it:
    a) Make sure you've returned the old soft-key before uninstalling.
    b) Uninstall the former version of ZWCAD Network License Manager.
    c) Install the ZWCAD Network License Manager (you can find it on the CD).
    d) Use the newKey to activate and configure the ZWCAD Network License Manager referring to the Quick Start Guide.
5. At Client : Install ZWCAD, and get floating license(or borrow license) from the server.



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