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Dongle Authorization

Frequently Asked Questions



1. How can I distinguish my authorization/License type(standalone or network)?
Dongle Authorization

You can distinguish a dongle version according to the Dongle ID printed on the dongle body. For example, the dongle on the right is for standalone Pro version The prefix "68" means it is for standalone version. Please check the prefix number of your dongle ID, and distinguish them as below:
Standalone: 18, 28, 58, 68
Network: 20, 35, 50, 55

Soft-key Authorization
To check the soft-key type, you have to go to the ZWSOFT License Center, and login with the license code. Below are some examples:
Sample 1: ZWCAD+ 2012 pro standalone license:
Sample 2: ZWCAD+ 2012 pro network license:

2. I want to upgrade from the Standard to Professional/Mechanical version.
For soft-key users, all upgrading procedures are the same as the regular ones.
For dongle users, you need a new dongle, or switch to soft-key.

3. I want to add more copies to the current network license.

Every dongle and soft-key has a fixed number of copies, we cannot add copies to the original license. If you do want to change the number of nodes, please change the dongle or soft-key.

4. How to check the soft-key status(free or activated)?
Go to the ZWSOFT License Center and login with the soft-key. From the "Manage Entitlements" tab you can check how many copies are left. From the "Manage License" tab, you can get the information of activated copies, such as fulfill date ect.
For example: this standalone license is in use, and has 0 copies left.



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