Soft-Key Authorization
Dongle Authorization


Upgrade to the latest ZWCAD

This is a guide to help you upgrade your ZWCAD from any former version to the latest ZWCAD. Please find the section right for you in terms of your current authorization type:

   Upgrade with Soft-Key Authorization
    Standalone License
    Network License

   Upgrade with Dongle Authorization
  Standalone License
              Keep the Dongle
              Switch from Dongle to Soft-key
 Network License (Switch to Soft-key Only)

To upgrade your program, you need to install ZWCAD on your device, there is no update patch to upgrade ZWCAD directly to the latest ZWCAD(The update patch is always only provided for updating annual edition to its SP1/SP2). For network users, you need to install the latest Network License Manager and ZWCAD.

For Soft-key users, you need to return the old soft-key license first, otherwise the upgraded new soft-key will be prompted as invalid. Only one of these two licenses can be accepted by ZWSOFT License Center at one time.

As long as ZWCAD is activated, the former versions of ZWCAD installed on the same device will be automatically activated without taking up any extra licenses.

For installation and activation issue please refer to the ZWCAD Activation Guide.

For any other issues about upgrading, please check the FAQ list:
1. How can I distinguish my authorization/License type(standalone or network)?
2. I want to upgrade from the Standard to Professional/Mechanical version.
3. I want to add more copies to the current network license.
4. How can I check the soft-key status (free or activated)?

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