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AUG 2017

ZWCAD 2018

  • New UI

    New UI

    The new UI has lower brightness, higher contrast, your eyes will feel more comfortable even if you stare on the interface for a long time. At the same time, it is neater and flatter, which is the trending style of software interface. The skin color is close to the background color of the model space, which makes it more professional.

  • Quick Calculator

    Quick Calculator

    Perform calculation within CAD just as you would with a desktop calculator.

  • Solprof


    Project 3D solids onto a 2D plane parallel, create 2D profile images.

  • Mvsetup


    Use Mvsetup to set up a drawing for plotting directly from model space. Or on a named layout, you can insert a title block into the drawing, and create a set of layout viewports in the title block area. You can specify a global scale as the ratio between the scale of the title block in the layout and what you have created in model space.

  • Oops


    Restores objects erased by the latest ERASE command.

  • Image Quality

    Image Quality

    The ImageQuality command helps you control the display quality of images. The quality setting affects display effects; high-quality images take longer to display. Changing the setting updates the display immediately without regenerating the drawing.

  • Flip the arrow of the dimension

    Flip the arrow of the dimension

    The expected command AIDIMFLIPARROW is now supported in ZWCAD 2018. Click a dimension node to flip the arrowheads in or out.

  • Customize CUI

    Customize CUI

    Customize the classic interface. Partial CUI is supported.

  • Lisp Compiler

    Lisp Compiler

    Lisp Compiler is used to compile .lsp file to .zelx formats, which can be loaded on ZWCAD. It helps users to run Lisp programs more efficiently and developers to protect source codes in security.

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