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How to validate block and group problems?

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As for these kinds of problem, you can take a try as below:

1) If the entities are formed by block and group, try to explode them. As some operations which are available in block can't be used in group. And after that, check out the problem further to see that it happens in block or group.

2) If the block is attribute block. Try to explode the block as two parts, attribute and pute block. As some problems happen in attribute or pute block individually. This operation is useful to define where the problem happens.

3) If the block or group problem happens in some complicated entities. Try to make some similarly simple block or groups. And then check out whether the problem happens again.

4) Try to do the same operation in model space and paper space. As some operations which happen in model space may perform well while executing in paper space. Vice versa.

5) Try to save and open the same file after finish the operation or restart the program. As in sometimes, the problems which occur in current situation don't happen while changing as another operation environment.

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