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How to validate operation problem of files?

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There are several ways to check out the problems further as below:

1) Firstly, we recommend that you download and keep saving a series of patches of ZWCAD. While the problems happen, enter vernum on the command line to check out your version number. If its not our latest patch, please upgrade with the latest patch to take a try. Sometimes, maybe you shall install the former patch to validate the problem whether exists or not. In a nutshell, we hope you can take a try in several patches to find out if the problem exists in one patch or several patch.

2) Since in sometimes, ZWCAD exists a little incompatibility with AutoCAD. It leads to some problem while executing some operation. If one file has been edited in AutoCAD and exists some problem. We hope you can provide the version of AutoCAD and other operation info to check out the problem further.

3) Compare the performance in model space and paper space. Some deviant operation in model space may perform well in paper space. Vice versa.

4) If the deviant file is complicated, please try to simplify it to test the problem. Such as delete some unrelated entities or extract the core part which can point out the problem fully.

5) Check out some detailed info about the file to see whether its in accordance with ZWCADS requirement. For example, if you want to insert some file to current drawing as a XREF. In the program editor, you shall add the - symbol before Insert command and delete any Space following the code sentence.

Check up your PC configuration. Sometimes, you shall upgrade your pc hardware to support some function to run well in ZWCAD.

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