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Serial introduction of brightness in ZWCAD2008i 1

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23-04-2008 05:34 . am   |   View his/her posts only
ZWCAD2008i came out yesterday after elaborate preparation. There are 8 major brightness in this version. Beginning from this post, there will be 4 posts to introduce the brightness. Please pay your attention to these posts.

1. Speed improvEment

l Complex modify functions

After reconstruction of these functions, the performance of operations such as copy/move/rotate/mirror/scale/array/Copyclip/wblock have been increased about 100%

Experience the improvement of Modify functions

The TEXT function has been reconstructed using Unicode. At the same time, it is optimized so text is displayed more accurately. This results is a major speed improvement when opening drawings including a lot of text.

2. text has been reconstructed USING UNICODE method

Text of ZWCAD2008 used ANSI coding. In ZWAD 2008i however the text has been reconstructed using UNICODE coding.

Unicode is a system to represent characters from all the world's different languages. Using Unicode results in a better representation of text in drawings when sharing them with different companies on different machines using various Windows operating systems.

Some examples:

Rab Liu2008-04-23 05:35:46

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