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Serial introduction of brightness in ZWCAD2008i 4

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The 4th serial introduction of brightness in ZWCAD2008i

7. EdIt functions FOR Proxy objectS

Actually, Open&Save functions were already provided in ZWCAD208. Now the edit function is also provided in ZWCAD2008i, the following is detailed information about this:

1) Erase Proxy entity

2) Quick Select Proxy entity

3) Define proxy entity as a reference block, insert the drawing including Proxy entity, enable you to explode the proxy entity, etc

4) Export, plot or preview

The detailed command support erase'copy'copyclip'Mirror'array'move'rotate'scale'explode'block'insert'xattach'wblcok'qselect'list'plot

8. More optionS ADDED for complEX modifY functions

After some of the compex modify commands have been reconstructed, new features for those commands have been provided as well:

l Copy command: support system variable COPYMODE to control the copy mode(single copy, or multiple copy)

l Copy command: enables you to use single mode if you use Displacement to copy the entities

l copy'move command: when you use Displacement to copy'move the entities, the previous coordinate value is set as a default value automatically.

l rotate command: when you rotate the picked entities, it is possible to make a copy at the same time

l scale command: support to copy the picked entities in the Scale operation

l wblock command: support to insert the units setting, support to export the Ole object, support to keep the associative relationship of hatch after Export

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