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QM Angular Clipping with ZLevel

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 QM Angular Clipping with ZLevel
18-10-2002 03:27 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
(Refer to attached pics)
When using angular clipping with QM ZLevel, you may find some vertical walls that are not machined as you increase the "Min Angle" closer to 90-degrees (with "Max Angle" = 90 degrees).

Rules of thumb:
1. It is not recommended to do angular clipping with ZLevel.
2. If you want to do angular clipping with ZLevel, you should set the "Min Angle" = 45 degrees (no more, no less).

The calculations for this type of clipping is very difficult. I know some CAM software that has angular clipping for all 3D operations EXCEPT ZLevel. Some CAM software that allow it only permit Min Angle to be zero or 45 degrees and nothing else.

The good news is to make it more flexible/powerful in VX, we have given users the capability to set the angles to anything. This allows the customer to experiment and try different settings depending upon part geometry.

The bad news is this may cause customers who get inconsistent results to feel there's a bug. The alternative solution is to limit it to only 0 and 45 degrees which I don't believe we want to do.

Side Note 1: On some parts, you will notice that angular clipping in ZLevel causes a lot of ugly tool retracts (especially when climb or conventional milling) which may deteriorate the quality of the finish with more witness marks as well as decreasing the high speed milling capability. This is one reason not to do it.

Side Note 2: If you absolutely insist on using it and some vertical walls are not cut, you can improve your results by increasing the "Anti-skating Factor". I increased it from 0.5 to 1 (and even 2) and was able to get toolpath on more of the faces that were not cut on this example part.

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18-10-2002 04:54 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
TheGreatGonzo is right here. In general isn't wise to clip Z level the toolpath starts to be very fragmented and the length of this link moves can become very long. However limiting in 2D can be done and is there for who still need to do it. The main reason is to offer the same rich and flat interface for all cycles and sometimes is a useful functionality to have too.

Angular clipping use 2D technologies and tries to split the XY plane in regions that are steep and regions that are shallow. A genuine vertical region hasn't any surface in XY plane the projection of a vertical wall is a curve. This unfortunate degeneracy is very difficult to be solved reliable (to be converted in a 2D region).

Anyway QM offers the grid step to select the accuracy of the calculation and "Anti-skating Factor" to offset in 2D detected regions. Sometimes regions are not wide enough and some of the vertical toolpath isn
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