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Calculator built into VX...

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 Calculator built into VX...
09-11-2002 04:05 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
This macro will get you a pop-up of the native Windows calculator from inside VX.
The trick is using the 'start' in the command line, this one took some time to discover...

How to:
1) Create a new VXmacro text file saved in your search path named:

2) Copy and Paste down the following to calc.vxm:

macro calc

#VX Macro to use system calls to start Windows Calculator
#User the Windows 'start' command to eliminate
# unwanted cmd console

calc_exe="start c:windowssystem32calc.exe"


3) Add the following line to your 'vxCommands' file in your user directory:
calc,$load calc.vxm

4) At the VX prompt you type :

If you want to get trick, you can create a template file to create a user menu that includes the calculator option.
mh_user.t is my user menu that includes the calculator, a 2point line and my minimum face radius detector.

You will have to compile the form at a cdm prompt by typing:
vxc -t mh_user.t Foarms.VX

Now, if I can only get my user menu to show the calc.bmp instead of an error message telling he can't find the image, I will be all set...
...any suggestions???

Happy calculating...


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21-11-2002 06:14 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Oh yes, simply brilliant and brilliantly simple! Good news is that v7 is going to find your icon BMP
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