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Macro: Standard extruded shapes of custom size

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 Macro: Standard extruded shapes of custom size
11-02-2003 08:45 . am   |   View his/her posts only

This is an "Italian Job" The prospective customer extrudes a large range of shapes to custom sizes, may be someone else out there will find this useful too.

Pre-define one model of the shape, linking your key, customisable dimensions to variable values that will later be changed to define the custom sizes. What we are trying to do here is allow a non-engineer to define new shapes that the engineer knows can be manufactured, i.e. some critical dimensions must not be modified, only the key dimensions are allowed to change. Any time you need to define a new size, run the "ReSize" macro. The macro collects the names of the key dimension variables and pops-up an options panel for you to choose which values to change. Simple!

The attachment includes the macro, an icon for your User ToolBar (other bits of interest) and a short movie to show how to set-up a model.

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