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ZWCAD 2010 Beta release

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Hello, everyone! ZWCAD 2010 Beta has been released!!! In this new version, some new features are added and many functions are improved. Below are the information for you to refer to.

New features:

1. Many new functions are added for editing text, they are:

In-place Text Editor, which means what you see is what you get when you add text using the Text Editor.

SCALETEXT command, which allows you to adjust the size of text in different ways according to your preference

MTEXTED command to switch text editor

Display the complicated text correctly

2. More options to plot 3D drawings with hidden

3. More options are available in SPLINEDIT command

4. More options in Snap and Grid

5. UCS would be created automatically when changing 3D view

6. APIS support more functions and become more powerful


Main improvements are as followings:

1. Faster speed, More stable

Memory optimization

Zoom and Pan are faster and smooth greatly

RTROT- 3D Orbit is faster and sensitive

2. Good support Windows 7

3. Lock Location for toolbars and menus

To experience the new version, please click the following link to download it:

If there are any questions about the new version, please kindly let us know. You can discuss them on this board or send your questions via email to tech@zwcad to communicate with us privately. Thank you.

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