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GetPaperSize & GetPaperMargins tricks

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here is some tricks for using GetPaperSize & GetPaperMargins.

Portrait and Landscape is usually orientation for paper.
To set paper to Landscape we set Layout.PlotRotation on zc90degrees. That meens we rotate paper for 90 degrees.
If we set rotation on zc90degrees we also rotate and margines. GetPaperSize & GetPaperMargins gives value for zc0degrees and we need recalculate margins value. For Landscape rotation margins recalculate like this:
LowerLeft.x = LowerLeft.y and LoverLeft.y = LowerLeft.x (simple we switch value for x and y) UpperRight.x = UpperReight.y and UpperRight.y = UpperReight.x (also switch value for x and y)
For Landscape rotation papersize simple switch Height and Width values.

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