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How to use STB files when printing in ZWCAD?

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 How to use STB files when printing in ZWCAD?
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DWG files come in two flavors. One uses traditional CTB (color based plot tables), the other uses STB (style based plot tables).
Plot style is a general property that can be assigned to an object or a layer in the STB "flavored" DWG file.

An object can also inherit this property from a layer much like color, linetype or lineweight when set to ByLayer.
At present, ZWCAD support CTB file but not STB files. In AutoCAD, PSTYLEPOLICY enable you to specify the different plot style (STB'CTB) from next new file.

PSTYLEMODE enable you to show the current drawing's plot style (1-CTB; 0-STB). CONVERTPSTYLE enable you to change the current plot style.

Since STB is not supported in ZWCAD, above commands are not available for the time being. If you meet some case with STB files, perhaps you can use CONVERTCTB to make the STB files to CTB files. Then It might be available in ZWCAD.
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