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QM V0.15.12 What's new

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 QM V0.15.12 What's new
07-07-2003 08:40 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Dudes and M8s,

I've just compiled a little bit of QM last week and the main area of interest was plunge moves in roughing.

Now (I hope) they are solved entirely so we should not have any plunge moves ever when a ramp angle is specified.

Are many other mini-goodies presented too.

Pliz if you try this version post a mini-feedback for the rest of us simple mortals. I've tried with Jim and Steve a little bit and look like is a kosher version.

I propose to spend 2..3 days of checks before updating to users sites and to post and comment a little bit the feed back in this message.

The wha'z new is:


Ramp moves - optimize a little bit firing rays algorithm now it will grow all (12) rays and when
will find a first short one will stop iteration considering this as the shortest one. This should
speed up detection. (DIM - VXV7.0)

Set the step as the min between grid step and Dropper sampling distance to do better gouge
protection. (DIM - VXV7.0)

Decrease the protection offset distance from 1.5 to 1.3 this will increase the sensitivity for
rest places detection.(DIM - VXV7.0)


Enhance corners when ramps require to pass the ends of an open polyline.(SWC - VXV7.0)

Add a new method of ramping that tries to fire up rays each 30 degree in XY plane tilt at
desired ramp angle and analyzes these rays if they can be used as ramp moves.
This technology dramatically reduces the need for suboptimal along path ramping.
(DIM - VXV7.0)


Enable short linking for roughing only when the curves are at same level. (SWC - VXV7.0)

Small plunge moves are now removed. (RJB - VXV7.0)


Ramping for roughing. Now all the approach moves are analized in linking
and when something uncertain happen ramp moves are used. This should
eliminate entirely plunge moves when rampAngle is != 90. (DIM - VXV7.0)

The final plunge analysis will assume the ramp angle is between (1, 70].
All values outside this range will be clipped inside this range.(DIM - VXV7.0)

Stop building unit test in main distribution. The executable is smaller with 60k.
(DIM - VXV7.0)


New Ramp moves flagged as 10005 for all paths. (RJB - VXV7.0)

Add support in the viewer for new plunge moves.(DIM - VXV7.0)


A loser start of the plunge detection not so eager to fit a plunge move. Should decrease the
number of false plunge moves. DIM - VXV7.0)

Add a SafeDist to maxZ of the plunge place in roughing. (DIM - VXV7.0)

Fix skinning at high feed when surface thick is thin and AFC is enabled. (PKA, SWC, DIM - VXV7.0)

Implement a new adaptive approach place detection algorithm for roughing. This should
improve leading in and linking in roughing. (DIM - VXV7.0)

PCR12146 (VXV7.0)

PCR11970 (SWC - VXV7.0)


Detect plunge places for roughing and convert them in plunge moves.(DIM - VXV7.0)

Change the safe from 1.0 to 0.1 in starting of approach moves. (DIM - VXV7.0)

Offset a little bit outside the safe approaching curves to avoid skinning the stock plunges.
(SWC, DIM - VXV7.0)

Offset a little bit inside the stock to avoid false material detection near steep walls. (DIM - VXV7.0)

Fix infinite loop when intermediary slices are used in roughing. Thx to Mike Lang to
bring it on. (Mike Lang - VXV7.0)

No TSP for classic lace when Climb Conventional is enabled. This should make milling for
simple parts more predictable.(DIM, SWC - VXV6.x)

No smart start point in pattern filling when HSM cycles are used. (Many - VXV6.x)

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07-07-2003 09:23 . am   |   View his/her posts only
I've tested it this morning on a prospect's part file and 15.12 looks very good. Since 15.10, the plunge moves that the prospect was complaining about seem to have been removed. I am sending this build to the prospect to try and get some feedback from him. He won't be back in the office until Wed so hopefully I'll have some feedback later this week.

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07-07-2003 09:39 . am   |   View his/her posts only
thx GG for your quick reply,

I want to read more reviews of this version ASAP!

So pliz wirte the bloody feedback.

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09-07-2003 04:25 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
It looks good from my small tests. I sent it on to customer qualifing it to be used ONLY FOR TESTING. Should know soon.....
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