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How to completely convert a auto cad drawing to zw

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Hi, This is Ravi. When i open a drawing made by zwcad and saved (auto cad 2000 format, which is default) in word pad, i found string "auto cad 2000 , autodesk,, etc". I have listen that now a days Auto Desk people are riding on all major engineering design companies. We are using ZW cad 2010 Professional licenced and we have also 2 autocad 2010 licences. If Autodesk Rides on my organisation is there any problem to by them. I dont know what they check. All my hard disks are new and every software i have is licenced. But i am worried about that string in the file source code. Please clear my doubt. I am in HurryCry

Please tell me what Autodesk people checkConfused

Please helpConfused.

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 How to completely convert a auto cad drawing to zw
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Dear Ravi,

Firstly I would say, please calm down and do not worry about this. You should keep in mind that ZWCAD is a legal company with authorized product, which has more than 180,000 users over the world. As long as you have ZWCAD license, it's protected by law, not a pirate software. So Autodesk can not do anything to you.

About you said the drawing file saved ZWCAD, contains the string of autocad, normally it should not be like this. You can try to open this in AutoCAD, to see if there will a dialog box pop up and say it's not saved by Autocad. Or you can use ZWCAD to open it and save it again. Finally, if you still not sure, you can send this file to us, and we will see if there is any problem inside. Thanks.
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